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This page provides an easy, convenient pathway to get hardware-specific information on a ThinkPad. Some ThinkPads may have suffixes to indicate different specifications, see the Model suffixes page for more details.

If you need a quick configuration look-up for your ThinkPad's 7-character machine type model (MTM), use tp.krelay.de for that purpose. For newer models released after 2013, Lenovo changed their old 7-character MTM format to a 10-character MTM format. Due to that massive change, you cannot use the same MTM look-up website for this format. Instead, Lenovo's official MTM look-up has to be used, which can be found here.

Please be aware that the new 10-character MTM format may not reflect your post-2013 ThinkPad's actual specifications, as they can be configured differently even though it has the same MTM code. The only way to know the actual configured specifications, is to locate the serial code and check it with Lenovo's official parts look-up site.

For some ThinkPads with a lifespan extending after January 2015, you must use Lenovo's PSREF website to manually obtain the specifications of your model. For other less fortunate ThinkPads that has reached end-of-life, see below for more information.

Product Specifications Reference books

Lenovo ThinkPad models

If any of these links fail to work, try manually searching for the books here.

IBM ThinkPad models

Some region-specific or uncommon models may not be found in these books, but they may be found within IBM's hardware announcements. They can be viewed here or alternatively here.

Model list

Numerical series

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