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ThinkPad Edge 11" Series

This page gives an overview of all ThinkPad Edge 11" Series. The Edge 11" exists both in a Intel and AMD processor model.

ThinkPad Edge 11" (Intel)

Standard Features

Distribution Support

Debian testing [20101020]

  • Kernel driver r8169 is very instable (at least in Kernel 2.6.36), use r8168 from Realtek website instead.

Linuxmint Testing [20110815]

  • Works out of the box with LinuxMint Kaya 32bit (which is based on Ubuntu 11.04, without annoying Unity desktop but a nicer Gnome)
  • no proprietary drivers needed for graphics or wlan
  • Very fast boot and shutdown, after suspend and resume wlan needs to be reconnected by clicking the network icon
  • Touchpad seldomly hangs for 2 seconds (has been reported to kernel team), seems not to affect external mouse
  • You hear the fan in a quiet room, so I reduced it by one step using thinkfan daemon with the following values in /etc/thinkfan.conf : (0, 0, 65) (1, 61, 70) (2, 66, 75) (3, 72, 80) (7, 77, 32767)

ThinkPad Edge 11"