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ThinkPad 560Z

This page gives an overview of the ThinkPad 560Z.

Standard Features

  • Intel Mobile Pentium II 233 or 300 CPU
    • note: it is possible to upgrade this cpu to higher speeds. 400mhz max i think, the only problem is finding it in "Mini Cartridge" package. scavenging one from hp or dell can be a right idea :)
  • Neomagic MagicGraph128XD with 2MB
  • 12.1" TFT display with 800x600 resolution
  • 32MB or 64MB memory standard
  • 4.0 or 6.4GB HDD
  • CS4237B Audio controller
  • IrDA 1.1
  • USB
  • External 1.44MB FDD
  • (2) Type II CardBus slots or (1) type III

ThinkPad 560z