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17 mm

Floppy cable connector — ThinkPad side (770) — width: 17mm
sketch of 17 mm-wide external floppy connector
photo of two 17 mm connector types, host and cable

By year 2000, IBM made this their standard host-side connector for external floppy diskette drive. This D-shell connector has 26 pins. It is found in ThinkPad and Dock product lines, and SurePOS 500.

Models featuring 17 mm connector

These devices only feature pass-through functionality, the actual Floppy Controller logic needs to reside in the ThinkPad for the port to work

beware other implementations of 17 mm connector

Also Toshiba and Apple used the same connector (17 mm 26 pin) as IBM. Their implementations are contrary, noncompatible.

Toshiba used a same connector and different wire/pin assignment. Like ThinkPad parts, they are abundant in secondhand market. How unfortunate, IBM and Toshiba did not choose identical wiring plan.

jmetal88 wrote on Vintage Computer Forums:
The plug is a perfect fit, but unfortunately, the laptop will not power on with the floppy plugged in. Additionally, the laptop will not power on with the cable plugged in while the floppy drive is not connected to the cable.

Tip by jmetal88 on vintage-computer.com Vintage Computer Forums.

Kasm279 wrote on forum.thinkpads.com:
Despite the cable for a Toshiba and one of the IBM ones having the same connector, they are NOT interchangable. I blew a fuse in a Toshiba that way.

Tip by Kasm279 on forum.thinkpads.com.

Apple used a same connector in Macintosh PowerBook 2400. Apple Macintosh floppy interface is incompatible to IBM PC floppy interface. Despite being made by IBM, PowerBook 2400 uses different wiring. Tip by MikeatOSX and sambapati87.

17 mm drive Options

The most compact Option is Part (FRU) 84G8663, designed for and PC110. This has a non-removable cable which plugs-in to 17mm host.

ThinkPad T Series FDD External Cable Kit

This cable connects Ultrabay 2000 Floppy Drive to host with 17 mm D connector. End of cable with Ultrabay 2000 connector has thumbscrews, for a rigid connection, semi-permanent attachment. IBM Option P/N 27L0524; FRU P/N 27L0525; other P/N (ASM?) 27L0526. Support Document MIGR-4JTSXJ Support Document MIGR-40010

UltraslimBay Floppy enclosure

This enclosure houses UltraslimBay Floppy Drive, connects to host with 17 mm D connector.

  • Black IBM logo: FRU P/N 05K6187; ASM P/N 05K5907.
  • Blue IBM logo: FRU P/N 05K2643; ASM P/N 05K8805.

17 mm cable to 21 mm drive

  • FRU 12J1711
  • FRU 12J0432 (other P/N 83H6276)
  • FRU 05K2844 (other P/N 05K2843)
  • FRU 39F2077 (other P/N 85G9169)

20 mm

Floppy cable connector — ThinkPad side (365XD) — width: 20mm

This D shell connector has 26 pins (seems to be the same like 17 mm, but a little bigger).

IBM used this same connector in ThinkPad 760 MIDI/Game Port. Be careful not to confuse different peripheral cables. Tip by Ziginox.
Also Toshiba produced a cable with same connectors as IBM 74H0219. Toshiba 20mm connector pinout is different: at the very least, pins for power and ground are shorted relative to IBM. Tip by Ziginox.


Bob Collins wrote on forum.thinkpads.com:
The cable for the flop looks like a mini SCSI (external) connector with 36 gold contacts. The width of the connector is approx 1".

Tip by Bob Collins on forum.thinkpads.com.

NDCaesar wrote on forum.thinkpads.com:
The 701 uses an unusual connector for the external floppy drive. It looks like a wider version of the connector on the 10H4056 floppy drive itself. The trapezoidal part is ~26mm wide and the same height as the one on the drive, with identical clips on either side.

Tip by NDCaesar on forum.thinkpads.com.

  • ThinkPad 701C, 701CS
  • cable to 21 mm drive: FRU 04H6916, other FRU 42H1510
  • ThinkPad 701 External FDD and Cable: Option P/N 10H4068 (includes cable 04H6916 and drive 10H4056 OR 10H4055)
  • ThinkPad 701 EPP Printer Cable and FDD Cable Pack: Option P/N 10H4069

21 mm host

Floppy cable connector — drive side — width: 21mm

This D-shaped trapezoidal connector has 26 pins, is a little bit wider than 20 mm D, and about twice as thick.

Models featuring 21 mm connector

21 mm cable to 21 mm drive

  • FRU 25H4879
  • 'For TP 310,315 only.' FRU P/N 11J8629 - cable;
  • 'For TP 310E/ED,315E/ED only.' FRU P/N 11J8629 - cable;

UltraBay Diskette Drive enclosure

Known as 'Floppy Drive External attachment kit', 'FDD External Attachment Kit', 'External Diskette Drive Box Kit'. This enclosure houses UltraBay FDD, has a non-removable lead which plugs-in to 21 mm host.

  • Option P/N 66G3618
    • FRU P/N 66G5069, other P/N 66G3696, EMEA P/N 66G3697
    • Announce date 09/08/93
    • FCC ID: ANO66G3696
  • Another version is FRU 46H5749, other P/N 46H5748 (likely ASM), FCC ID: ANO46H5748.
  • ThinkPad Power Series 850 'External FDD Drive Cover' FRU P/N is 85G5457, other P/N 84G4480.
  • UltraBay drive '1.44MB 3 MODE FDD ASM RETURN' is FRU P/N 29H9230, ASM P/N 41H8697, IBM P/N 84G3074, TEAC FD-05HG, TEAC P/N 19307546.
    • ThinkPad Power Series 850 drive has its own FRU P/N: 84G4597.
    • Found in 360CS: FRU P/N 84G2269, ASM P/N 84G2085, other number (label?) 84G2087.
  • 'ThinkPad 2.88MB Diskette Drive' is FRU P/N 66G0108
  • 4-mode for Japan is FRU P/N 29H9372
  • Installed inside ThinkPad, UltraBay drive attaches to 'Diskette Drive Removable Strap' FRU 29H9237.

21 mm drive

Floppy cable connector — drive side — width: 21mm

IBM, Dell, and Toshiba used 21mm D connector in several external diskette drives. These attach to host using a modular/detachable cable. Mercifully, these three makers chose compatible wiring. (Also Apple used this connector, in FDD for Macintosh PowerBook 2400. Apple FDD hardware is incompatible to IBM PC FDD hardware.)

  • MPF72E-1 : ASM P/N 05K8973; FRU P/N 05K8990;
  • FD-05P2 : ASM P/N 05K8958; FRU P/N 05K8989;
  • IBM FRU NUMBER : 10H4056; PART NUMBER 10H3980;
  • (FOR JAPAN) FRU P/N 10H4055
  • FRU P/N 48G9896; FCC ID : ANO48G9869; other P/N 1619696;
  • ThinkPad 730T: Opt. TOGP14M; FRU P/N 48G8263; (Goolag implies also known as 1619696)
  • Dell part number 25749; FCC ID NO.: DX9-DELL-EXFDD;
  • Toshiba model no. PA2652U; FCC ID : CJ6UK322
  • MODEL:FDD-101; FRU P/N 05K8827; FCC ID: GQ8FDD-101;
  • 'For TP 310,315 only.' FRU P/N 11J8628 - fdd;
  • 'For TP 310E/ED,315E/ED only.' FRU P/N 05K8827 - fdd;
  • UltraBay II Floppy Drive (FRU 12J0425, ASM 83H6258)

parallel port

ThinkPad T20 line supports a floppy drive connected to Parallel Port. Other portable PCs featured this functionality (notably Compaq Armada M700, Dell Latitude LS, and Toshiba), but each company chose different wiring, so a non-IBM parallel floppy drive is NOT substitutable. The adapter (FRU P/N: 08K6360; other number (ASM?) 08K6359) provides a 17 mm D receptacle.



Part numbers

  • FRU 73G3422 for 510CS, ref findeis
  • IBM FRU # 59G7918

05K9040 is mentioned for 310ED forum.thinkpads.com


365 confusion

FRU 75H7572
some other number 75H7580
"365CD, 365ED systems ship with an external Floppy Disk Drive that has a non-detachable cable. FDD/Cable assembly FRU 75H7572", Document ID: YAST-3FGSHU, kev009.com
'TP 365E/ED/X/XD - EMEA FRU to PN Cross Reference', Parts Information Document ID: LWIK-3YVLFH, kev009.com
German discussion, thinkpad-forum.de
'Parts Listing 365C, CD, CS, CSD (2625)', kev009.com
'Parts Listing 365E, 365ED (2625)', kev009.com
in spite of supposed 'incorrectly labeled', these part numbers are worth looking for, this is a very real world specimen in eBay:
IBM Part No.: 41H8228
IBM FRU No.: 41H7445

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