UltraBay II Floppy Drive

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UltraBay II Floppy Drive (12J0425)

This is a floppy disk drive that slides into an UltraBay II.


  • Read/Write capabilities:
    • 3.5-inch 1.44MB High Density
    • 3.5-inch 1.25MB Japanese Density
    • 3.5-inch 720KB Double Density
  • Activity LED
  • Floppy Connector port (21 mm)1

  1. This requires a cable (12J0432) to be able to be used externally.

Part numbers


  • 83H6258

Sony MPF72U-1

  • 20L1930

Linux support

In the case that you have two FDDs, or want to attach the FDD externally after the booting process; be aware that the floppy drivers' hardware auto-detection cannot be relied upon. However, you can force the floppy driver to use both of them by adding the following line to /etc/modprobe.conf:

options floppy floppy=1,4,cmos

This will give you support for either external FDD, or UltraBay II FDD, or both if you plug them in after the booting process.

If there is a FDD attached to the external port during the boot process, it will be identified as /dev/fd0 and the FDD in the UltraBay II will be identified as /dev/fd1. Otherwise (assuming no FDDs are externally attached during boot or FDD in UltraBay II during boot), the UltraBay II FDD would be assigned as /dev/fd0 and external port would be assigned as /dev/fd1. An ACPI-aware floppy driver would have the ability to stop the devices from swapping around, but such a thing doesn't exist yet.

Models supporting this accessory