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The Dock I (3545-001) -- which was also known as the Expansion Unit -- provides expandability for IBM ThinkPad notebook models, while providing the same usability as a desktop computer system. Option cables connected or disconnected to your computer can be connected to the Dock I so you can easily carry your computer.


ISA Slot

This is a Full Height, Full Length 16 bit ISA slot.


Internal and External SCSI 1 connectors are available.

Internally there is only space for one 1" high SCSI device, either a CD-ROM drive or a HDD.

Chipset is an ancient Future Domain TMC-850, which might work with the 'seagate' driver.

The internal SCSI is 50 pin but its width is half of standard SCSI connector. Also the external SCSI connector is a spceial 60 pin connector rarely found anymore. So its not useful. There is two type of power plug for the drives. An add on ISA SCSI card with Boot Bios will work. Windows loads fine but LILO loads the kernel bz image slowly but after boot init it speeds up again.


The dock has no software options. The Thinkpad configuration and Thinkpad Features does not detect its presence and the download tool for the dock (from IBM site) is for Selectadock and not this one.

You cannot enter Easy setup with the docking station in place (with thinkpad 760L and dock 3545-001 i CAN (KotCzarny)). You cannot flash BIOS with docking station. (It will detect it and reject)

Supported ThinkPads