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IrDA is a technology which uses Infrared waves to receive and transmit information. It was convenient for data transfer (back then) as it did not require wires to be used, till it was eventually superseded by Bluetooth. It offered much greater convenience than IrDA as it was capable of transmitting and receiving data in all directions, unlike IrDA that required a direct line-of-sight to work.


Some models have an integrated IrDA transceiver that can be used in one of two modes, SIR (IrDA 1.0 and 1.1) or FIR (IrDA 1.1).

  • SIR is limited to serial data rates up to 115.2Kb/s
  • FIR is the preferred mode of IrDA 1.1 and operates at a bandwidth of 4 Mbps

A newer VFIR standard exists, which supports speeds up to 16 Mbps. However, no models support this.

Linux support

See the How to make use of IrDA page.

External sources

Models featuring this technology

IrDA 1.0

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