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ThinkPad T410s

This page gives an overview of the ThinkPad T410s.

Standard Features

ThinkPad T410s


Linux Installation

Installation instructions for the ThinkPad T410s

Automatic Display Switching on Resume

Color profile for the display

Some people find the display to have an ugly blue cast. To get rid of it, you can download this ICC profile which, once loaded, should give you much more neutral colors. The profile was created with ArgyllCMS, a formidable free open source color management system. Once you installed Argyll, use this line to load the profile:

dispwin path/to/profile.icc

The profile was created with display bightness two ticks below maximum. Note that although the profile is likely to improve your color rendering, it may be not optimal for your display. For better results, get a colorimeter and create your own profile.

Your distribution might even offer packages of Argyll (e.g., openSUSE does in its multimedia:photo repository.).

If you want to give me some feedback about the profile, you can do so on my Talk page.


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