Serial Ultrabay Slim DVD Multi-Burner V

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Serial Ultrabay Slim DVD Multi-Burner V

This is an optical drive that slides into a Serial Ultrabay Slim.


  • Read/Write capabilities
    • CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW (24x read speed)
    • CD-R, CD-RW (24x write speed)
    • DVD-ROM, DVD±R, DVD±R DL, DVD±RW, DVD±RW DL, DVD-RAM (8x read speed)
    • DVD±R, DVD±R DL, DVD±RW, DVD±RW DL, DVD-RAM (8x write speed)
  • 512 KiB buffer cache
  • Tray-loader
  • Weight: 128 grams or 0.28 pounds


Part numbers

LG GUD0N (P70/P71 bezel)

  • 00NY383, SDX0F76554

Panasonic ??? (P70/P71 bezel)

  • 00NY382

Lite-On DU-8A6SH (P70/P71 bezel)

  • 00NY384, 01LV989, SDX0F76570

LG GUB0N (W540/W541/T440p/T540p bezel)

  • 0B47326, 45N7647, SDX0E50456

LG GU90N (W540/W541/T440p/T540p bezel)

  • 0B47326, 45N7652, 45N7647

Panasonic UJ8G2 (W540/W541/T440p/T540p bezel)

  • 0B47326, 45N7649, SDX0E50446

Panasonic UJ8E2 (W540/W541/T440p/T540p bezel)

  • 0B47326, 45N7654, 45N7649

Lite-On DU-8A6SH (W540/W541/T440p/T540p bezel)

  • 0B47326, 04X4498, SDX0E50468

Lite-On DU-8A5SH (W540/W541/T440p/T540p bezel)

  • 0B47326, 04X4498, SDX0E50429

LG GUE0N (L560/L570 bezel)

  • 01ER366, SDX0F76562

Panasonic ??? (L560/L570 bezel)

  • 00NY515, SDX0L35935

LG ??? (L560/L570 bezel)

  • 00NY516

LG GUD0N (L440/L540 bezel)

  • 04X4285, 00FC442, SDX0H12648

LG GU90N (L440/L540 bezel)

  • 04X4285, 45N7660, SDX0F57067

Panasonic UJ8E2 (L440/L540 bezel)

  • 04X4286, 45N7662

Lite-On DU-8A5SH (L440/L540 bezel)

  • 00HM518, SDX0F57069, SDX0E50431

Linux support

If connected at boot time, the drive is normally /dev/sr0.

Models supporting this accessory