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ThinkPad T510

This page gives an overview of the ThinkPad T510.

Standard Features

ThinkPad T510


Linux Installation

As of 2012-02-16 installing Ubuntu 11.10 with GNOME3 / GNOMEshell everything tested works with 4384-WCW (intel graphics) volume up/down/mute keys functions correctly with OSD correctly displaying. brightness controls activate osd and work the brightness thinklight works although no osd shows microphone input mute may not be responding touch-point/nipple and middle button scrolling with nipple works in apps (chrome browser for instance) lock function key locks desktop battery function key brings up power statistics wireless function key toggles wifi camera/headset button doesnt seem to do anything (no camera installed in model) magnifier (fn+space) doesnt bring up magnifier play, pause, next/prev do not start media player or control VLC

gigabit ethernet, wifi work fine bluetooth not fitted to model modem not tested solid state media slot not tested mini-pcie not tested displayport not tested vga port not tested usb ports, including usb3 port work well

As of 2010-05-04 the following problems exist with the T510 under Linux:

As of 2 October 2010, with updated BIOS and all patches available for Ubuntu 10.04, the installation goes well. Problems noted are few:

  • Brighness is still an issue as listed above, but the fix does work.
  • USB 3.0 drivers are "iffy" in that some things work very well (external hard drives, for example) but others (external SB adpaters) cause low bandwith warnings in the kernel log, and won't work correctly (where they do on other systems).
  • The Touchpad does not always ignore input while typing.
  • If using the proprietary Nvidia driver (NVIDIA Driver Version 260.19.06) one has to set "Discrete" in BIOS. Linux seems to have some problems with Switchable Graphics (Optimus).

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