Serial Ultrabay Slim DVD-ROM Drive II

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Serial Ultrabay Slim DVD-ROM Drive II (45N7651/45N7665/04X4287/04X4288/00NY518/00NY519/01ER367/01ER368)

This is an optical drive that slides into a Serial Ultrabay Slim.


  • Read/Write capabilities
    • CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW (24x read speed)
    • DVD-ROM, DVD±R, DVD±R DL, DVD±RW, DVD±RW DL (8x read speed)
  • Tray loading

  1. This model requires its original optical drive's faceplate and mounting bracket/black plastic stub to be swapped onto the Serial Ultrabay Slim DVD-ROM Drive II, otherwise the drive will not fit in properly. It also requires the mounting bracket located at the back of the DVD-ROM drive to be removed to fit in.

Part numbers

LG DU90N (W540/W541/T440p/T540p bezel)

  • 45N7665 (45N7656)

Panasonic UJ8E2 (W540/W541/T440p/T540p bezel)

  • 45N7651 (45N7658)

LG DUE0N (L560/L570 bezel)

  • 01ER368 (SDX0F76564)

unknown LG drive (L560/L570 bezel)

  • 00NY519

unknown Lite-On drive (L560/L570 bezel)

  • 01ER367

unknown Lite-On drive (L560/L570 bezel)

  • 00NY518

LG DUB0N (L440/L540 bezel)

  • 04X4288 (SDX0E50462)

LG DU90N (L440/L540 bezel)

  • 04X4287 (SDX0F57068), 04X4287 (45N7696)

Linux support

If connected at boot time, the drive is normally /dev/sr0.

Problem regarding reading video DVDs

When playing a region-coded video DVD for the first time using a Linux player, you may get errors such as the following:

libdvdread: Invalid IFO for VMGM (VIDEO_TS.IFO)

This is caused by the DVD driver's region never having been set. Use regionset to set some region and retry. It is important that you choose the region code wisely, as you will not be able to read any other regions, and you can only change the region 4 times before it becomes permanent.

With older drives you could use libdvdread to bypass a drives region restrictions, but this doesn't work in some drives, particularly those from Panasonic. Panasonic DVD drives actually refuse to read out-of-region media, and implement RPC-2 fully. This cannot be worked around in any way short of drive firmware changes, which are not available anywhere.

Models supporting this accessory