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ThinkPad Yoga S1

This page gives an overview of the ThinkPad Yoga S1.

(It is not to be confused with the IdeaPad series devices of the same name.)


  • One of the following processors:
    • Intel Core i5-4200U Processor (3MB Cache, up to 2.60GHz)
    • Intel Core i5-4300U Processor (3MB Cache, up to 2.90GHz)
    • Intel Core i7-4500U Processor (4MB Cache, up to 3.00GHz), model 20CD
    • Intel Core i7-4600U Processor (4MB Cache, up to 3.30GHz)
  • Intel Haswell-ULT chipset
    • Integrated Graphics Controller, based on Intel HD Graphics 4400
    • HD Audio Controller
  • Intel Lynx Point-LP
    • SATA3 @ 6Gb/s with 4 ports
    • HD Audio Controller
    • PCI Express Root with 4 ports
    • USB3.0 HECI host
    • USB2.0 EHCI host
  • 2 USB3.0 ports, one optionally permantly powered as USB charger (e.g. for mobile phone)
  • OneLink port, connects to OneLink Dock or OneLink Dock Pro
  • Storage
    • 2.5" 7mm SATA SSD
    • 2.5" 7mm SATA harddisk + SSD cache in 42mm M.2 slot
  • 12.5" Full HD (1920x1080) IPS display
    • 360° hinge for laptop and tablet operation
    • Elan Microelectronics Corp. capacitive 10-point multitouch touchscreen, USB-ID 04f3:0254
    • Wacom digitizer integrated into display on selected models, USB-ID 056a:00ec
  • miniHDMI connector for external screen
  • 4-8GB PC3-12800 DDR3L depending on CPU
  • One of the following WiFi cards:
    • Intel Wireless-N 7260 2X2 BGN+BT (Intel_Wireless-N_7260)
    • Intel Dual Band Wireless 7260AC with Bluetooth 4.0
  • TPPS/2 IBM Trackpoint
  • SynPS/2 Synaptics Buttonless_Touchpad
  • Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTS5227 PCI Express Card Reader (rev 01)
  • Integrated_camera up to 1280x720@30fps, uvcvideo compatible
  • STM Micro HID Sensor HUB, working through IIO HID
    • accelerometer sensor
    • rotation sensor
    • magnetometer sensor
    • angular velocity sensor (aka gyroscope)
    • inclination sensor
    • ambient light sensor


  • Ubuntu 13.10 installation report (german). bottom line: things work in general, Bluetooth is flaky (even under Windows), Ethernet (only available on OneLink dock anyway, rest of OneLink seems to work) does not work
  • Upcoming Debian 8 aka "testing" works pretty much out of the box. Installation is a little difficult without integrated hardwire ethernet and Debian not shipping non-free firmwares for the WiFi interface. After installation everything seems pretty stable. Linux Kernel 3.16 and up is recommended to get decent performance from the Intel 7260 WiFi.
  • Some brief tests of Fedora 23 LiveUSB. Most things seem to work, including the WiFi, SD card reader, touch screen, pen input and automatic screen rotation. Rotation lock button, and volume keys do not however (neither the buttons on the side, nor the Fn-F1, F2 and F3 combinations)

Known Issues

  • Display "ghosting", according to Lenovo support forum most Thinkpad Yoga S1 manufactured before April or May 2014 can show more or less severe "ghosting", i.e. watermarking of the display image with contrasts or colors from a previously displayed image. This applies especially to LCD panels type "LGD LP125WF2-SPB1" with manufacturing date "2013 Week 0" (see BIOS hardware inventory)
  • Intel 7260 performance issues, some people report data rates as low as 200kbytes/s even in perfect reception scenarios. It seems to help to upgrade the IWL firmware to the lastest and use a recent Linux kernel 3.16 and above
  • Intel 7260 WiFi and Bluetooth coexistence, some people report that Bluetooth and WiFi almost block each other when high traffic is happening on one of them. No solution or workaround known yet.
  • MSI for Realtek cardreader does not seem to work, kernel driver fails to probe. Workaround: add option "msi_en=0" to rtsx_pci kernel module probe (seems to be resolved with recent kernels, 4.2 tested).


  • According to Lenovo service the only user servicable part is the replacable digitizer stylus. Opening the case e.g. in order to replace the harddisk/SSD will thus void the warranty.
  • The Yoga, as well as quite some other new small netbooks and ultrabooks by Lenovo, uses the new "slim" power connector - rectangular, approx. 10x5mm

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