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ThinkPad T61p

This pages gives an overview of all ThinkPad T61 related topics.

Page under construction

ref: Lenovo Detailed Specifications - ThinkPad T61/T61p

Standard Features

ThinkPad T61




(Note that the following categories applies to T60, They might also apply to T61 (test and update the list, please) : Thermal_Sensors Tp_smapi Table_of_ibm-acpi_LEDs Swsusp Software_Suspend_2 Rescue_and_Recovery Problems_with_SATA_and_Linux Problem_with_video_output_switching Problem_with_fan_noise Problem_with_high_pitch_noises How_to_control_fan_speed Embedded_Controller_Firmware

Linux Installation

For instructions on installing linux, see the distribution-specific installation instructions for the T61p.

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