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Ricoh PC Card Controller with Media Card Interface and FireWire Controller

This is a single chip, offering six PCI functions: PC Card bridge, SD/SDIO/MMC/MMC plus, MS, MSPro, xD and FireWire (400 Mbit/s IEEE 1394a) controller.


  • Chipset: 5C847
  • Interface: PCI Bus
  • Functions:
    • CardBus PC Card Controller: PCI 1180:0476 subsystem 17aa:20c6 rev ba
    • IEEE 1394a OHCI: 1180:0832 subsystem 17aa:20c7 rev 04
    • SD Host Controller (SDIO): PCI 1180:0822 subsystem 17aa:20c8 rev 21
    • MultiMediaCard MMC: PCI 1180:0843 subsystem 17aa:20c9 rev 11
    • Memory Stick Pro MS: PCI 1180:0592 subsystem 17aa:20ca rev 11
    • xD-Picture Card: PCI 1180:0852 subsystem 17aa:20cb rev 11
20V Ricoh CardBus bridge found in T500

Drivers Status

PC Card

(32 bit) Card Bus tested, ok. (16 bit) PCMCIA not tested.

FireWire (IEEE 1394)

Modules ohci1394, ieee1394, eth1394 and raw1394 modules loads fine, eth1394 detected as 'eth1' and device /dev/raw1394. Tested with kino and DV-camera - it works.

SD Card reader

Worked out-of-the-box using Kubuntu 7.04 (kernel 2.6.20)

Worked with archlinux (kernel 2.6.30) Loaded modules: sdhci ricoh_mmc

Worked with CentOS 5 (2.6.18), but filenames were all uppercase

Worked better with Fedora 7 (2.6.22)

Worked in Gentoo with ricoh_mmc, (mmc_core), sdhci, and sdhci_pci modules

MemoryStick and xD Picture Card reader

Windows functionality only. There is experimental support for Sony MemoryStick in the latest 2.6 kernels, but not for the Ricoh chipset. No support for xD cards at all.

Links & ressources

  • Ricoh Product Sheet [1]

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