Installing openSUSE 10.2 on an IBM ThinkPad T61

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1.should install madwifi 802.11 driver 2.should install NVS 140M driver if using NVS 140M

I've been attempting to install OpenSUSE 10.2 on my new Thinkpad T61p. So far I've had mixed results.

The new NVIDIA drivers seem to work fine at 1920x1200 24bits/pixel. I had to go to the NVIDIA site to find them. was the file. Follow the instructions there and you should be fine.

My current dilemmas are:

1) Getting sound/audio drivers to work.

UPDATE snd-hda-intel driver is claimed to work at [1] but I've tried near all combinations with no luck... Rybu
UPDATE the Debian people claim it's the fault of the ALSA driver [2] Rybu

2) Getting some basic apps to work, like Google Earth and Amarok. Google earth complains:

  error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

UPDATE, I got google earth to work although I'm not sure exactly what I did to get it working. Over the past couple of days I tried installing openSUSE 10.3 beta2, and various other linux distributions without much luck. I reinstalled openSUSE 10.2 because that's what I've had the most luck with, and somehow google earth works now. Still no sound.. Rybu

Amarok just doesn't make any noise. It's usine the xine engine, and that doesn't seem to be working...

3) Wifi. I have no idea how to get wifi up and running. The above cryptic comments about the MadWifi 802.11 driver don't help much. I went, downloaded and installed the driver and I'm getting nothing. Specifically, the make / make install sequence runs fine, but then it just doesn't work.

UPDATE, although I have not implemented it I've heard that there are functional drivers from intel. IWLWIFI is apparently the appropriate program, which at present requires compilation. [3] Rybu

4) Bluetooth doesn't seem to be working, either. It might be too early to tell.

I haven't tried any of the more advanced features yet, like the fingerprint reader or webcam. I'd be happy fixing 1 and 3...

Anyone having similar problems, or found a way to fix them?

I should mention some positives. I have two DVD burners with this system, the Lenovo DVD multiburner CD/DVD-RW and the external lightscribe burner CD/DVD+RW. Both have worked flawlessly. The USB ports are functioning fine, and it's quite easy to use external USB hard drives with the system. Rybu