NVidia Quadro FX 570M

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This is a nVidia video adapter based on the GeForce Go 8600M/8600GT.

This [http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?t=48287 forum thread] seems to indicate that the 128 MB version in the 14.1" T61p's only has half the memory bandwidth advertised by nVidia for the 570M.


  • Chipset: nVidia G84M
  • PCI ID: 0x040c
  • PCI-E
  • 128 or 256MB video memory
    • Hynix HY5RS123235B / FP-14 740A

Windows driver

nVidia supports notebook GPUs through the Verde Notebook Driver Program. The Verde Notebook Release 266.58, a driver pack dated 2011.01.18, recognizes the 570M as a nVidia adapter and installs updated drivers.

Lenovo provides an older, certified driver dated 19 Feb 2009 ( It can be downloaded from Lenovo's website. However, the driver seems to have problems with some resolutions, as reported by the dxdiag.exe diagnostic utility.

Linux driver (proprietary)

For the latest proprietary drivers, go to the nVidia UNIX Drivers page.

Linux driver (open source)

ThinkPads this chip may be found in