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This pages gives an overview of all ThinkPad T43 related topics.

Machine Type

  • 1871 (Intel Graphics GMA 900)
  • 1872 (Intel Graphics GMA 900)
  • 1875 (Intel Graphics GMA 900)
  • 1876 (Intel Graphics GMA 900)
  • 2668 (ATI Graphics X300)
  • 2669 (ATI Graphics X300)
  • 2686 (ATI Graphics X300)
  • 2687 (ATI Graphics X300)

Standard Features

ThinkPad T43


Photos (click to see full size)
T43-2668, open, view from above
T43-2668, open, view towards GPU
T43-26xx, open, view of southbridge and GPU
T43-26xx, open, view of embedded controller (under PC Card / Express Card assembly)
T43-1871, keyboard removed, view from above

External links


CentOS 5 install:

  1. While the physical disk is PATA (IDE), it is accessed through a SATA controller and a SATA-to-PATA bridge. It thus appears as a SATA device to the operating system, which causes some problems under Linux. The SATA-to-PATA bridge also necessitates drive firmware changes, causing a problem with non-ThinkPad hard disks.

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