Installing Fedora Core 6 on a ThinkPad T43

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Installation Log Fedora Core 6 System components Thinkpad T43 (2668-F3G)


  • Boot into Win XP and burn recovery CDs (access IBM button or start menu entry)
  • Defragment your hard disks
  • Reduce the size of NTFS partition. I used (Paragon Partition Manager
  • (optional) I made 3 partitions. [(boot 500mb)(swap 1500mb)(8000mb)]
  • Move the fat partition after NTFS partition

Installation of Fedora Core 6

  • Download DVD ISO from mirror (
  • Write it on the DVD
  • Boot it up
  • Start installing and if he asks where to install select custom layout for partitions
  • Select /boot for 500 mb partition swap for 1500mb and / for 8000mb
  • When installer asks to configure boot loader (grub), install it to /boot partition
  • Continue with installing...
  • Do not remove dvd from drive
  • Reboot

Configuring MBR

  • Boot into dvd and write "linux rescue"
  • Now type "df" to see your partitions, ensure which one is /boot partition
  • Type "dd if=/boot partition/ of=/boot partition/fedora.img bs=512 count=1"
  • Exit from linux rescue and boot into Windos XP as administrator
  • Download program explore2fs (
  • Run the program and select boot partition (should be first icon on tree)
  • Copy fedora.img to C:/
  • Edit C:/boot.ini
  • If you can't see or open or write to the file use Explorer:
   Go to Tools->Folder Options->View and select Show hidden files and folders and deselect Hide
   protected operating system files (Recommended).
   Right-click on the file, view the Properties and uncheck Read-only. You can now edit the file.
  • Write at the end of the file c:\fedora.img="Fedora 6"
  • Reboot, you should see OS selection

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