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IBM/Hitachi harddisk naming scheme

IBM sold its HDD manufacturing to Hitachi, who continued to use the Travelstar name for notebook drives. Hitachi harddisk names (on modern drives) are a set of letters and numbers that in fact tell a lot about the specifications of the drive. The designation follows the pattern:

H T S 72 60 60 M 9 AT 00
H [t] [T] [rr] [SS] [ss] [g] [h] [ii] [??]
  • the H is for Hitachi
  • [t] is a single letter designating the drive type, like
    • T = Travelstar
    • D = Deskstar
    • E = Endurastar
  • [T] - S for Standard (vs A for Auto for example) - I don't know what this mean :)
  • [rr] is the first two digits of speed in RPM, i.e. 54 for 5400 RPM.
  • [SS] maximum disk size in model line.
  • [ss] is two digits giving the size in GB. 100gig drives have a 10 here.
  • [g] generation code
  • [h] is the drives height in full millimeters, first digit, i.e. 9 for 9.5mm or some code for desktop: i.e. L - 1-inch form-factor.
  • [ii] is a two digit code for the drives interface, like this:
    • AT = IDE/ATA
    • SA = IDE/SATA
    • CE = IDE/ZIF
    • CF = Compact Flash
    • L3 = SCSI/Ultra320
    • LF = FC-AL
  • two numerical digits are following, might be some kind of revision, might be something else. Upd: for DeskStar 1st is buffer size (2 - 2MB 8 - 8MB) and 2nd is reserved.

Available drives from IBM or Lenovo

2.5" 9.5mm SATA

Capacity RPM PartNr. FRU Manufacturer Model ThinkPad Models
40GB 5400 39T2621 Hitachi
40GB 5400 39T2629 Toshiba
40GB 5400 39T2637 Fujitsu
60GB 5400 40Y8723 39T2623 Hitachi
60GB 5400 40Y8723 39T2631 Toshiba
60GB 5400 39T2639 Fujitsu MHV2060B R60e
60GB 5400 39T2703 Hitachi HTS541060G9SA00 R60e
60GB 7200 41N3012 39T2645
80GB 5400 39T2625 Hitachi HTS541680J9SA00 X61 Tablet
80GB 5400 39T2633 Toshiba
80GB 5400 39T2641 Fujitsu
80GB 5400 39T2602 39T2705 Hitachi HTS541080G9SA00 X60 Tablet
100GB 5400 40Y8721 39T2627 Hitachi
100GB 5400 40Y8721 39T2635 Toshiba
100GB 5400 39T2643 Fujitsu
100GB 7200 41N3013 39T2649 Hitachi
100GB 7200 42T1021 42T1403 Hitachi HTS721010G9SA00 T60
100GB 7200 27R2345 Hitachi
100GB 7200 27R2346 Seagate
120GB 5400 Seagate ST9120822AS X61s
120GB 5400 39T2764 39T2785 Fujitsu MHV2120BH X60s
120GB 5400 42T1030 42T1417 Hitachi HTS541612J9SA00 X60s (replacement drive)

2.5" 9.5mm PATA

Capacity RPM PartNr. FRU Manufacturer Model ThinkPad Models
6GB 4200 05K9237 05K9227 SSD
6GB 4200 05K9237 05K9228 Hitachi
10GB 4200 08K9510 08K9508 SSD
10GB 4200 08K9510 08K9531 Hitachi
12GB 4200 05K9238 05K9229 SSD
12GB 4200 05K9238 05K9230 Hitachi
15GB 4200 08K9588 08K9587 Hitachi
15GB 4200 08K9588 08K9585 STD
20GB 4200 08K9533 Hitachi
20GB 92P6375 Hitachi
20GB 4200 27L3439 27L3441, 08K9548
20GB 27L3427 SSD
20GB 27L4075 SSD
20GB 4200 08K9686 27L4286 STD
20GB 4200 08K9686 27L4385 Fujitsu
20GB 4200 08K9686 92P6327 STD
20GB 4200 92P6019 Fujitsu MHS2020AT G40, G41
20GB 4200 92P6094 Fujitsu MHT2020AT G40, G41
20GB 4200 92P6017 Hitachi DK23EA-20 G40, G41
20GB 4200 92P6086 Hitachi IC25N020ATMR04 G40, G41
20GB 07N4382 22L0072 IBM DJSA-220 X20
30GB 08K9593 08K9590
30GB 08K9593 08K9592 Hitachi
30GB 08K9660 Hitachi
30GB 08K9656 Diabo
30GB 08K9564 SSD
30GB 27L4291
30GB 92P6330 STD
30GB 08K1088 92P6330 Hitachi IC25N030ATCS04-0
30GB 4200 92P6088 Hitachi IC25N030ATMR04 G40, G41
30GB 4200 92P6096 Fujitsu MHT2030AT G40, G41
40GB 4200 08K9683 STD
40GB 4200 08K9767 Hitachi
40GB 4200 92P6023 Fujitsu MHS2040T G40, G41
40GB 4200 92P6098 Fujitsu MHT2040AT G40, G41
40GB 4200 92P6021 Hitachi DK23EA-40 G40, G41
40GB 4200 92P6090 Hitachi IC25N040ATMR04 G40, G41
40GB 4200 92P6119 Moraga B G40, G41
40GB 4200 92P6121 Toshiba Proteus G40, G41
40GB 4200 08K9832 92P6332 Hitachi IC25N040ATMR04-0
40GB 5400 08K9758 Toshiba T30
40GB 5400 27L4384 STD
40GB 5400 08K9687 08K9599
40GB 5400 08K9816 92P6342 STD
40GB 5400 08K9816 13N6801
40GB 5400 08K9816 08K9834 Hitachi T30
40GB 5400 08K9816 92P6545 Hitachi HTS548040M9AT00
60GB 4200 08K9833 Hitachi T30
60GB 4200 92P6092 Hitachi IC25N060ATMR04 G40, G41
60GB 4200 92P6122 Moraga C G40, G41
60GB 4200 13N6706 13N6707 Hitachi IC25N060ATMR04-0 R51
60GB 5400 08K9688 08K9700
60GB 5400 08K9688 92P6340 STD
60GB 5400 73P3357 13N6893
60GB 5400 92P6547 Hitachi HTS548060M9AT00
60GB 7200 13N6807 Hitachi HTS726060M9AT00 (Travelstar 7K60) T41p, T42p, T43, T43p
60GB 7200 92P6551 Hitachi HTS726060M9AT00 (Travelstar 7K60)
60GB 7200 08K0889 Hitachi HTE726060M9AT00 (Travelstar 7K60) R50
60GB 7200 13N6799 13N6807 Hitachi HTS726060M9AT00 T41
80GB 4200 08K9869 08K9863
80GB 4200 92P6123 Moraga B G40, G41
80GB 5400 13N6798 13N6805 Hitachi HTS548080M9AT00 T41p, T42p, T43p
80GB 5400 09N4273 92P6549 Hitachi HTS548080M9AT00
80GB 7200 39T2583 Hitachi
100GB 5400 40Y8716 39T2555 Fujitsu
100GB 5400 40Y8716 39T2559 Toshiba
100GB 7200 39T2585 Hitachi
250GB 5400 Samsung HM250JI X60s

2.5" 12.5mm PATA

Capacity RPM PartNr. FRU Manufacturer Model ThinkPad Models
18GB 4200 05K9239 05K9231
32GB 5400 08K9511 08K9509 SSD
48GB 5400 08K9600 08K9599
48GB 5400 08K9600 92P6338 STD

1.8" 9.5mm PATA

Capacity RPM PartNr. FRU Manufacturer Model ThinkPad Models
2GB/4GB/8GB SSD Transcend TS2GIFD18/TS4GIFD18/TS8GIFD18 X40, X41, X41 Tablet
20GB 4200 92P6083 Hitachi DK14FA-20 X40, X41, X41 Tablet
20GB 4200 39T2541 Hitachi HTC426020G7AT00 X40, X41, X41 Tablet
30GB 4200 92P6140 Hitachi X40, X41, X41 Tablet
30GB 4200 39T2543 Hitachi X40, X41, X41 Tablet
30GB 4200 39T2747 Toshiba X60s
40GB 4200 92P6085 Hitachi DK13FA-40 X40, X41, X41 Tablet
40GB 4200 39T2545 Hitachi HTC426040G9AT00 X40, X41, X41 Tablet
40GB 4200 39T2749 Toshiba X60s
60GB 4200 73P3358 39T2547 Hitachi HTC426060G9AT00 X40, X41, X41 Tablet
60GB 4200 39T2751 Toshiba X60s

2.5" 17mm PATA (770 series)

Capacity RPM PartNr. FRU Manufacturer Model ThinkPad Models
5.1GB 4900 11J8947 12J0449(Box) 83H7102(Disk) IBM DPLA-25120 770, 770E, 770ED, 770X
8.1GB 4900 02K0517 02K0514 IBM DYLA-28100 770, 770E, 770ED, 770X, 770Z
14.1GB 02K0526 02K0525 770, 770E, 770ED, 770X, 770Z

2.5" PATA (380,385,560,570,600 series)

Capacity RPM PartNr. FRU Manufacturer Model ThinkPad Models
1.08GB 46H4208
2.1GB 73H9797
2.1GB 45H8783
3.2GB 02K0487
4.0GB 02K0501
4.0GB 03L5659 22L0024 IBM DKLA-24090 390E
4.0GB 05K8871
4.32GB 4200 25L2744 IBM DKLA-24320 380Z
5.1GB 02K0506
6.0GB 05K9199
6.4GB 02K0518
10GB 36L9293
12GB 05K9200
18GB 37L2993

2.5" SCSI-2 (PowerPC ThinkPads)

Capacity RPM PartNr. FRU Manufacturer Model ThinkPad Models
540MB 30H1388 820, 850, 860
810MB 30H1392 820, 850, 860
1.2GB 30H1467 820, 850, 860


Two black rubber rails, for mounting hard disc drives in 9.5mm bays: one for 7mm HDD and one for 9.5mm HDD.

Beginning with ThinkPad Z60, rails or spacers are attached to a caddy-mounted 2.5-inch drive, or a bare µSATA drive.

  • HDD rubber rails (Gummi, 9.5mm/9.5mm): FRU PN 41V9756, FRU PN 41V9757
  • 7.0 mm SSD spacer rails for 9.5 mm bay (Plastik): FRU PN 04W1641, FRU PN 0A35880
  • HDD rubber rails (7.0 mm-high HDD rubber rails for 9.5 mm-high bay): FRU PN 04W1640
  • Hard disk drive rubber rails (Gummi, for 7.0 mm drive in 7.0 mm bay): FRU 04W1716
  • Solid state drive spacers (Plastik, 7mm/7mm): FRU 04W1717

1.8-inch converter

ThinkPads and Ultrabay adapters are properly designed, and provide both 3.3 and 5 volt power. These storage converters hold 1.8-inch µSATA drive, exactly replacing 9.5mm drive and rails.

  • 1.8-inch - 2.5-inch storage converter (maybe lightweight?): FRU PN 42W8019, other PN 42W8020
  • 1.8-inch - 2.5-inch storage converter (weight approximately 20 gram): FRU PN 42W7888

Lenovo 40 bracket

illustration of drive mounted in bracket

This bracket attaches to HDD without screws. It has one screw hole, screw secures drive assembly to computer. FRU PN : 04X5421, CRU ID : N, Description : System Misc.

This part is needed in: