Renesas H8S/2161BV

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Renesas H8S/2161B (H8S/2140B group)

The Renesas H8S/2161B is the embedded controller chip found in many ThinkPad models. It controls various low-bandwidth devices such as keyboard, mouse, system fan, thermal sensors, accelerometer, intelligent Li-Ion batteries, LEDs and switches. It hosts the firmware responsible for the Active Protection System and advanced battery control.

The Flash memory of the H8S/2161B is rated for just 100 guaranteed rewrite cycles. However, the Technical Update "F-ZTAT Specification Change" specifies typically 10,000 for 35 µm technology with the note: "This is an indication that rewrite operation can normally function up to this figure."



Firmware bugs are listed in the Embedded Controller Firmware page. Firmware hacking is taking place in, see above for links.

Models containing this chip


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H8S/2161BV in T43