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'''[[:Category:T440s | Thinkpad T440s]]'''
'''[[:Category:T440s | Thinkpad T440s]]'''
'''[[:Category:T450 | Thinkpad T450]]'''
'''[[:Category:T450s | Thinkpad T450s]]'''
'''[[:Category:T500 | ThinkPad T500]]'''
'''[[:Category:T500 | ThinkPad T500]]'''

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  • Choose a model name to get a list of all currently available information related to this Model.
  • Choose a type-and-model number to get the specs of that specific model.

Here you can learn about specific ThinkPads specifications.

Furthermore, you may

IBM/Lenovos hardware specs

  • Lenovo ThinkPads
    • For current Lenovo ThinkPad R, T, W and X series models look for the official specs listed in tabook.pdf (for Western Europe refer to tabook_WE.pdf)
    • For ThinkPad Edge and SL Series look at slbook.pdf
    • For withdrawn Lenovo ThinkPads, look at ltwbook.pdf
  • Withdrawn IBM ThinkPads
    • For A, G, T and X series models look for the official IBM specs listed in tawbook.pdf
    • For R series models look for the official IBM specs listed in trwbook.pdf
    • For i series models look for the official IBM specs listed in tiwbook.pdf
    • For 200, 300, 500, 600 and 700 series models look for the official IBM specs listed in twbook.pdf
    • Or try searching the IBM announcements letters here.

Available Models

Numbered A series G series R series S series SL series T series X series Z series W series Edge series others

ThinkPad 240

ThinkPad 240X

ThinkPad 240Z

ThinkPad 390X

ThinkPad 560

ThinkPad 560E

ThinkPad 560X

ThinkPad 560Z

ThinkPad 600

ThinkPad 600E

ThinkPad 600X

ThinkPad 700

ThinkPad 760ED

ThinkPad 760XD

ThinkPad 765L

ThinkPad 765D

ThinkPad 770

ThinkPad 770E

ThinkPad 770X

ThinkPad 770Z

ThinkPad A20m

ThinkPad A20p

ThinkPad A21e

ThinkPad A21m

ThinkPad A21p

ThinkPad A22e

ThinkPad A22m

ThinkPad A22p

ThinkPad A30

ThinkPad A30p

ThinkPad A31

ThinkPad A31p

ThinkPad G40

ThinkPad G41

ThinkPad G50

ThinkPad R30

ThinkPad R31

ThinkPad R32

ThinkPad R40

ThinkPad R40e

ThinkPad R50

ThinkPad R50p

ThinkPad R50e

ThinkPad R51

ThinkPad R52

ThinkPad R60

ThinkPad R60e

ThinkPad R61

ThinkPad R61e

ThinkPad R400

ThinkPad R500

ThinkPad S30

ThinkPad S31

ThinkPad SL300

ThinkPad SL400

ThinkPad SL500

ThinkPad T20

ThinkPad T21

ThinkPad T22

ThinkPad T23

ThinkPad T30

ThinkPad T40

ThinkPad T40p

ThinkPad T41

ThinkPad T41p

ThinkPad T42

ThinkPad T42p

Thinkpad T43

Thinkpad T43p

ThinkPad T60

ThinkPad T60p

ThinkPad T61

ThinkPad T61p

ThinkPad T400

ThinkPad T400s

ThinkPad T410

ThinkPad T410s

ThinkPad T410i

ThinkPad T420

ThinkPad T430

ThinkPad T430s

ThinkPad T430u

Thinkpad T440

Thinkpad T440p

Thinkpad T440s

Thinkpad T450

Thinkpad T450s

ThinkPad T500

ThinkPad T510

ThinkPad T520

ThinkPad T530

Thinkpad T540p

Thinkpad T550

ThinkPad X20

ThinkPad X21

ThinkPad X22

ThinkPad X23

ThinkPad X24

ThinkPad X30

ThinkPad X31

ThinkPad X32

ThinkPad X40

ThinkPad X41

ThinkPad X41 Tablet

ThinkPad X60

ThinkPad X60s

ThinkPad X60 Tablet

ThinkPad X61

ThinkPad X61s

ThinkPad X61 Tablet

ThinkPad X100e

ThinkPad X120e

ThinkPad X130e

ThinkPad X200

ThinkPad X200 Tablet

ThinkPad X200s

ThinkPad X201

ThinkPad X201 Tablet

ThinkPad X201s

ThinkPad X201i

ThinkPad X220

ThinkPad X220 Tablet

ThinkPad X220i

ThinkPad X220i Tablet

ThinkPad X230

ThinkPad X300

ThinkPad X301

ThinkPad Z60t

ThinkPad Z60m

ThinkPad Z61e

ThinkPad Z61t

ThinkPad Z61m

ThinkPad Z61p

ThinkPad W500

ThinkPad W510

ThinkPad W520

ThinkPad W530

ThinkPad W700

ThinkPad W701

ThinkPad W701ds

ThinkPad Edge 11"

ThinkPad Edge 13"

ThinkPad Edge 14"

ThinkPad Edge 15"

Thinkpad Twist

I Series PC110


ThinkPad Helix