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=== Compatible Options ===
=== Compatible Ultrabay Devices ===
* [[Ultrabay_Devices#Ultrabay_2000_Devices|Ultrabay 2000]]
* [[Ultrabay_Devices#Ultrabay_2000_Devices|Ultrabay 2000]] (all)
* [[Ultrabay_Devices#Ultrabay_Plus_Devices|Ultrabay Plus]]
* [[Ultrabay Plus Cradle for the WorkPad C500]] (using an [[Ultrabay Plus Device Carrier]])
* With [[Ultrabay_Slim_Drive_Adapter_for_Ultrabay_2000|Adapter]]  
* [[Ultrabay Plus Numeric Keypad]] (using an [[Ultrabay Plus Device Carrier]])
** [[Ultrabay_Devices#Ultrabay_Slim_Devices|Ultrabay Slim]] Optical Drives (not HDD Adapters)
* [[Ultrabay_Devices#Ultrabay_Slim_Devices|Ultrabay Slim]] Optical Drives (using a [[Ultrabay_Slim_Drive_Adapter_for_Ultrabay_2000|Slim Drive Adapter]])
** [[Ultrabay_Devices#Ultrabay_Enhanced_Devices|Ultrabay Enhanced]] Optical Drives (not HDD Adapters)
* [[Ultrabay_Devices#Ultrabay_Enhanced_Devices|Ultrabay Enhanced]] Optical Drives (using a [[Ultrabay_Slim_Drive_Adapter_for_Ultrabay_2000|Slim Drive Adapter]])
=== Resources ===
=== Resources ===

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ThinkPad T30

This pages gives an overview of all ThinkPad T30 related topics.

Machine Type: 2366

Standard Features

ThinkPad T30

Compatible Ultrabay Devices



Photos (click to see full size)
Hard disk drive shock absorber, on T30's bottom near battery
Lower indicators
Upper indicators
T30 docked in a Dock



PC2700 RAM can be used in the T30, but it will only run at PC2100 speeds.

Memory slot failure

The T30 has a design flaw that results in one of the two memory slots eventually failing.

Kernel Panic

Installing a 1 GB memory module may cause a Linux kernel panic on boot. This can be overcome with the uppermem GRUB command: grub> uppermem 524288

However, uppermem may not be implemented in GRUB2.


The Thinkpad T30's original battery codes are: 02K7033, 02K7034, 02K7035, 02K7037, 02K7038, 02K7050, 02K7051, 02K7072, 02K7073

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