ATI Mobility Radeon 7500

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This is an ATI video adapter


  • Chipset: ATI RV200 (variant of the R100 core)
  • PCI ID: 1002:4c57
  • AGP 4X
  • 16 or 32MB DDR-SDRAM video memory
  • External VGA up to: 2048x1536x16.7M at 75Hz


There are several variants of this chip. Some contain memory chips on a common base together with the GPU.

Product Name GPU Chip Released Bus Memory GPU clock Memory clock Shaders/TMUs/ROPs
Mobility Radeon 7500C M7-16CL Dec 1st, 2001 AGP 4x 16 MB, DDR, 64 bit 230 MHz 183 MHz 2/1/2/1
Mobility Radeon 7500 M7-P Dec 1st, 2001 AGP 4x 32 MB, DDR, 64 bit 230 MHz 183 MHz 2/1/2/1
Mobility Radeon 7500 M7-CSP32 Dec 1st, 2001 AGP 4x 32 MB, DDR, 64 bit 280 MHz 200 MHz 2/0/2/1

Linux driver - OpenSource

This adapter is supported by recent versions of the radeon driver as found in X.Org. It also works with the 'ati' driver. It does not work with the fglrx binary driver.

ThinkPad LCD

Display on the internal LCD works as long as you set the monitor settings correct

External VGA port

Works fine with open-source drivers. It turns on automatically when an external display is present. It can also be used for dualhead with Xinerama (with different resolutions on both screens) or MergedFB.

SVideo port

The SVideo port should be supported by the current Xorg radeon driver.

Please read How to get TV-Out working on ATI graphic cards on how to set it up.

DVI port


3D Acceleration

Initially, ATI did not produce Radeon drivers for Linux, instead giving hardware specifications and documentation to Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) developers under various non-disclosure agreements. The proprietary Linux drivers don't support the R100 chips (Radeon 7000-7500).

As of 2006.09, with Debian Sid (X Window System Version 7.0.0) i have 3D acceleration, without any proprietary or GATOS driver. Kernel version is

OpenGL vendor string: Tungsten Graphics, Inc.
OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Radeon 20060327 AGP 1x TCL
OpenGL version string: 1.3 Mesa 6.5.1

It is reported that 3D Acceleration works fine with DRI driver under Fedora Core distribution, with the configuration similar to R300.

If you are using Hardy Heron Ubuntu 8.04 then use the following device and relevant sections of my xorg.conf, I have xcompmgr running smoothly. Video runs smoothly too.

PLEASE EDIT THE GARTSize option to reflect the amount of system RAM you have available for your card.

Section "Device"
	Identifier	"Configured Video Device"
	Boardname	"ATI Radeon"
	Busid		"PCI:1:0:0"
	Driver		"radeon"
	Screen		0
	Vendorname	"ATI"
	Option		"MergedFB"	"off"
	Option          "AccelMethod" "EXA"
	Option		"EXANoComposite" "false"
	Option		"FBTexPercent" "50"
	Option		"MigrationHeuristic" "greedy"
	Option		"DRI" "true"
	Option		"GARTSize"	"256"
	Option		"AGPMode" "4"
	Option		"Colortiling" "On"

Section "ServerLayout"
	Identifier	"Default Layout"
	screen		0 "Default Screen" 0 0
	Inputdevice	"Synaptics Touchpad"
	Option "AIGLX" "true"

Section "Extensions"
	Option  "Composite" "Enable"

Section "DRI"
	Mode 0666

Linux driver - proprietary

ATi's proprietary Linux drivers support only the R200/FireGL graphics chips and above. The Mobility Radeon 7500 is based on the R100 graphics chip; the only Linux driver available for this chip is the open-source radeon DRI.

ThinkPads this chip may be found in