Ultrabay 2000 Slim Drive Adapter

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Ultrabay 2000 Slim Drive Adapter (62P4557)

This is an adapter that slides into an Ultrabay 2000 or an Ultrabay Plus.


  • Fits Ultrabay Slim drives into Ultrabay 2000 or Ultrabay Plus slots1
  • Weight: 47 grams or 0.1 pounds


  1. This adapter does not accept the Ultrabay Slim Serial+Parallel Port Adapter, Ultrabay Slim Battery (I and II), Ultrabay Slim Travel Bezel, and the Ultrabay Slim PATA/SATA HDD Adapter. The HDD adapter is known to not function even if it is mechanically forced to fit into this adapter, due to possible wiring differences.


Part numbers

Branded as the ThinkPad Slim Drive Adapter for Ultrabay 2000

  • 62P4556 (62P4555)

Models supporting this accessory