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* 20, 40 or 60GB HDD
* 20, 40 or 60GB HDD
* Intel AC'97 Audio with a [[AD1881A]] codec
* Intel AC'97 Audio with a [[AD1881A]] codec
* [[Ultrabay|Ultrabay Plus]] with one of the following:
* [[Ultrabay|Ultrabay 2000]] (Ultrabay Plus compatible) with one of the following:
**[[Ultrabay_2000_8x-3x_DVD_Drive|DVD-ROM 8X-3.3X]]
** DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo drive
**[[Ultrabay_2000_8x8x24x/8x_CD-RW/DVD_Combo_II_Drive|DVD-ROM/CD-RW 8X/8X/24X/8X]]
**[[Ultrabay_2000_CD_RW/DVD_ROM_Combo_III_Drive|DVD-ROM/CD-RW 16X/10X/24X/8X]]
**[[Ultrabay_2000_CD-RW/DVD_ROM_Combo_IV_Drive|DVD-ROM/CD-RW 24X/10X/24X/8X]]
* [[Intel Fast Ethernet (10/100)]]
* [[Intel Fast Ethernet (10/100)]]
* [[CDC slot]] with one of the following:
* [[CDC slot]] with one of the following:

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ThinkPad T30

This pages gives an overview of all ThinkPad T30 related topics.

Machine Type: 2366

Standard Features

ThinkPad T30

Compatible Options



Photos (click to see full size)
Hard disk drive shock absorber, on T30's bottom near battery
Lower indicators
Upper indicators
T30 docked in a Dock



PC2700 RAM can be used in the T30, but it will only run at PC2100 speeds.

Memory slot failure

The T30 has a design flaw that results in one of the two memory slots eventually failing.

Kernel Panic

Installing a 1 GB memory module may cause a Linux kernel panic on boot. This can be overcome with the uppermem GRUB command: grub> uppermem 524288

However, uppermem may not be implemented in GRUB2.


The Thinkpad T30's original battery codes are: 02K7033, 02K7034, 02K7035, 02K7037, 02K7038, 02K7050, 02K7051, 02K7072, 02K7073

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