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===== 3-in-1 card reader =====
===== 3-in-1 card reader =====
To get the built-in memory card reader working, you will need kernel 2.6.17+ with the sdhci modules. You will also need the open-source [http://developer.berlios.de/projects/tifmxx tifm] driver. However, the versions that accompany shipping kernel tarballs (as recently as 2.6.21) are comparatively old and still generate various errors.  You will want version 0.8.0, or the latest [http://svn.berlios.de/wsvn/tifmxx/trunk/driver/?rev=0&sc=0 SVN] version, which are much improved.
Support for the built-in memory card reader is provided by the [[tifm]] drivers.
The tifm driver releases are tied to specific kernel versions.  As of this writing, tifm version 0.8d is intended for kernel 2.6.20, and 0.8e is for kernel 2.6.21.  Note carefully which version you download and ensure it is the correct version for your kernel.
This driver currently breaks suspend-to-RAM.  You will need to unload the driver first, or your system will hang in the middle of the suspend operation, and you will need to cycle power to recover the system.
===== ACPI =====
===== ACPI =====

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ThinkPad Z61t

This pages gives an overview of all ThinkPad Z61t related topics.

Standard Features

Weight & Dimensions

These may vary depending on exact specifications ...

ThinkPad Z61t



Most of the laptop features are current supported by Linux, kernel 2.6.17+ recommened.

Hardware support

Sound works fine with the snd-hda-intel module in the Linux kernel. Be aware that disabling modem in BIOS breaks sound.

Virtualization: [[Intel_Core_Duo_(Yonah)]] supports Intel VT-x, but Z61t BIOS disables it, rendering laptop unusable for KVM or Xen with unmodified guests. Avoid this model if you care about fully expoiting CPU features.


Make sure you either explicitly enable or disable the IRDA functionality in the bios (instead of having it be enabled but off) otherwise the kernel IRDA drive will OOPs. Other then that it works fine.


Requires xorg-x11 >= 7.1
xf86-video-i810(xorg i810 driver) >= 1.7.0

3-in-1 card reader

Support for the built-in memory card reader is provided by the tifm drivers.

  • As of kernel 2.6.17 suspend works, with one gotya that the SATA controller is set to compatibility mode in the BIOS (instead of AHCI mode). This is due to the fact that the kernel dosen't eaxactly suport suspend/resumue in the AHCI driver yet, and the AHCI module fails to turn the hard drives back on at resume time.
  • Patches for AHCI suspend are aviable at the following urls:

Description Patch 1 Patch 2 Patch 3 Patch 4 Patch 5 Patch 6

  • Notes:
Make sure you remove a couple modules on suspend: ipw3945 (if your have intel wireless) also the sdhci and tifm (3 in 1 card reader modules), otherwide the laptop may not goto sleep and/or wakeup properly.

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