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ThinkWiki News

Here you can find news and announcements regarding ThinkWiki. The history is maintained back to the beginnings of ThinkWiki in January, 2004.


13.03.2024: ThinkWiki is celebrating its 20th anniversary.
08.09.2021: New server hardware.
15.03.2021: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.31.12.
01.08.2020: Scheduled downtime due to service maintenance
31.03.2018: Major security update on server software.
10.05.2017: All insecure elements have been removed from ThinkWiki.
08.03.2017: ThinkWiki now uses SSL/TLS by default.
01.01.2016: ThinkWiki wishes all users a happy new year!
08.02.2015: ThinkWiki got new awesome hardware!
31.01.2015: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.24.1.
06.08.2013: Cleanup action: All users with no page edits older than 90 days will get purged.
01.05.2013: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.20.5.
01.05.2013: Sorry for some downtime today (and yesterday)
13.08.2012: ThinkWiki got new hardware!
13.08.2012: ThinkWiki suffered a partial data loss
03.02.2012: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.18.1.
15.10.2011: We are pleased to announce our new partnership with
28.06.2011: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.17.0.
07.06.2011: MIGR Doc links are dead! Please convert any dead links to use the IBMDOCURL or LNVDOCURL template
20.03.2011: User account creation temporarily disabled, until we have an effective way to reduce SPAM.
08.02.2011: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.16.2.
17.05.2010: ThinkWiki got shiny new hardware!
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01.01.2010: ThinkWiki wishes all users a terrific 2010!
26.03.2009: ThinkWiki now supports OpenID Single-Sign-On.
21.03.2009: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.14.0. Our apologies for some downtime.
17.01.2009: Please use the new social bookmarking buttons on the top of the pages.
15.01.2009: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.13.3.
01.01.2009: ThinkWiki wishes everyone a great 2009!
14.12.2008: Please use and switch pages to the new IBMDOCURL template
23.10.2008: We apologize for some downtime this morning.
02.09.2008: If you like ThinkWiki, please digg/wong it!
10.08.2008: Finally ThinkWiki is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional again :-)
04.04.2008: We apologize for some downtime today.
01.04.2008: Lenovo announced the ThinkPad Mr. Coffee Edition.
20.02.2008: X300 design articles on lenovo blogs and businessweek
14.02.2008: Ultralight Lenovo X300 Series Thinkpad leaked
12.02.2008: Vista UDF 2.01 media now work with Linux!
05.02.2008: Added the cool Recaptcha extension.
03.02.2008: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.11.1.
18.01.2008: Again ThinkWiki got shiny new lightning fast hardware.
14.11.2007: now hosts the Linux ACPI project, as well as powertop and many other important power management projects.
19.10.2007: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.11.0. We apologize for some downtime on Oct. 15th and 16th.
11.10.2007: The ThinkPad turns 15 years old!
13.06.2007: A preliminary version of the reverse-engineered R500 driver is available.
06.06.2007: ThinkWiki finally runs on new hardware.
22.05.2007: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.10.0.
13.05.2007: Intel released PowerTOP, helps to prolong battery life.
09.05.2007: New user creation enabled again, now using a captcha protection.
26.04.2007: Linux 2.6.21 has been released including Dynticks and Clockevents
13.04.2007: New user creation disabled temporarily due to spam bots corrupting pages.
15.03.2007: Please help build the brand new!
21.02.2007: {{{2}}}
31.12.2006: ibm-acpi 0.13-20061231 stable release patches for Linux 2.6.18 and 2.6.19 available at the ibm-acpi sourceforge page
22.12.2006: ibm-acpi 0.13 merged into Linux 2.6.20-rc2, adding advanced fan control
18.11.2006: KThinkBat 0.2.3 release, improving remaining time calculations and adding support for Acer/Asus laptops
28.10.2006: KThinkBat 0.2.2 release, which now shows the remaining time
23.10.2006: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.8.2
28.09.2006: Lenovo recalls 526.000 batteries manufactured by Sony found in R51e, R52, R60, R60e, T43, T43p, T60, X60 and X60s
04.08.2006: Lenovo officially supports Novell SUSE Linux on its T60p range.
30.07.2006: {{{2}}}
23.05.2006: New Xorg 7.1 released! Including support for AIGLX and more. Releasenotes
14.05.2006: New kernel patches enable UltraBay hotswapping on recent ThinkPads
05.05.2006: It's proven! Mac OS X runs on ThinkPads.
12.04.2006: ThinkWiki's user count has exceeded 1 KB.
25.03.2006: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.5.7
20.03.2006: New Linux 2.6.16 with better energy saving and improved SATA support.
24.02.2006: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MediaWiki 1.5.6
21.02.2006: The new lt_hotswap kernel module enables hot-swapping of drives with full DMA support.
17.02.2006: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to MySQL 5.0.16, PHP/5.1.2 and Apache 2.0.55 for better performance.
11.02.2006: The sdhci driver has been reported to work for SD Card slots
10.02.2006: Alpha version of Gkrellm-ThinkBat plugin
30.01.2006: Please test KThinkBat-0.1.5_rc2
17.01.2006: Have a look at our new anti spam policy!
14.01.2006: ThinkWiki has been upgraded to mediawiki 1.5.5
12.01.2006: KThinkBat-0.1.5_alpha2 now uses the tp_smapi driver
12.01.2006: ThinkWiki needs more than two bytes to count its registered users.
03.01.2006: The newly released linux-2.6.15 fixes SATA problems
03.01.2006: New Centrino access point driver announced.
06.12.2005: The new tp_smapi driver provides battery charging and CD speed control on recent ThinkPads.
29.11.2005: {{{2}}}
17.11.2005: KThinkBat 0.1.3 is a better looking battery applet for the KDE-Kicker.
28.10.2005: The newly released linux-2.6.14 contains trackpoint and HDAPS support.
25.09.2005: ThinkWiki just got one year old (yesterday, actually).
10.09.2005: The TrackPoint driver has made it in the 2.6 kernel.
26.08.2005: The HDAPS driver has made it to the -mm kernel series.
01.08.2005: ThinkWiki Search plugin for mozilla is available.
17.07.2005: ThinkWiki has more than one byte of registered users.
30.05.2005: GKrellM now supports ibm-acpi fan and thermal sersors monitoring
11.05.2005: Updated ThinkWiki software to MediaWiki v1.4.4
17.03.2005: ibm-acpi 0.11 is available
01.03.2005: Thanks to Wyrfel, we got a new logo!
14.02.2004: ThinkWiki counts more than 100 registered users.
17.01.2005: ibm-acpi 0.10 is available
31.12.2004: Happy new year!
27.12.2004: ibm-acpi is now part of kernel 2.6.10
12.12.2004: ThinkWiki welcomes its 50th registered user.
11.11.2004: A german ThinkWiki has been started.
9.11.2004: ibm-acpi 0.8 is available
27.10.2004: ibm-acpi is now in 2.6.10-rc1-mm1
25.10.2004: ibm-acpi 0.7 is available
27.09.2004: ThinkWiki got a new domain (
24.09.2004: The ThinkWiki project has been started.
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Industry Watch

30.07.2020: New fglrx driver version 20.30 released
18.12.2015: New fglrx driver version 15.12 released
24.04.2012: New fglrx driver version 12.4 released
28.09.2011: New fglrx driver version 11.9 released
19.02.2009: Ubuntu 10.04 will use nouveau drivers for nVidia GPUs. See this Phoronix article .
29.01.2009: New fglrx driver version 9.1 released with support for OpenGL 3.0, Hybrid Crossfile and Multiview.
18.09.2008: New fglrx driver version 8.9 (8.532) released.
10.06.2008: Engadget got some leaked technical specs of the new ThinkPads.
16.04.2008: New fglrx driver version 8.1 (8.476) released.
14.04.2008: Lenovo's entire new ThinkPad line leaked, X300 gets siblings. See Gizmodo for details.
18.01.2008: New fglrx driver version 8.1 (8.454) released.
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25.12.2007: has announced new versions of mac80211 wireless stack and iwlwifi network drivers for Intel PRO/Wireless 4965AGN Mini-PCI Express Adapter and Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Mini-PCI Express Adapter

20.12.2007: New fglrx driver version 7-12 released.

21.11.2007: New fglrx driver version 7-11 (8.433) released.

23.10.2007: New fglrx driver version 8.42.3 released.

12.10.2007: New ThinkPad Reserve edition model officially announced.

12.09.2007: New fglrx driver version 8.41.7 released.

08.09.2007: Lenovo's Inside the Box blog discusses ThinkPad Linux support.

05.09.2007: AMD/ATI announces new HD2k Radeon drivers, pledging composite support and significant performance improvements on modern (2.6.22) kernels.

19.07.2007: New fglrx driver version 8.39.4 released.

26.06. 2007: New fglrx driver version 8.38.6 released.

31.05.2007: New fglrx driver version 8.37.6 released.

18.04.2007: New fglrx driver version 8.36.5 released. Now supports 2.6.20 series kernels.

28.03.2007: New fglrx driver version 8.35.5 released

01.03.2007: New Lenovo battery recall: FRU 92P1131 (Sanyo 9-cell) may overheat when subject to strong impacts

21.02.2007: New fglrx driver 8.34.8 released

11.01.2007: New fglrx driver version 8.33.6 released

13.12.2006: New fglrx driver version 8.32.5 released

15.11.2006: New fglrx driver version 8.31.5 released

14.11.2006 New ThinkPad X60 Tablet reviewed, including SXGA+ model

03.11.2006: New fglrx driver version 8.30.3 released

20.09.2006: New fglrx driver version 8.29.6 released

18.08.2006: New fglrx driver version 8.28.8 released

04.08.2005: According to, Lenovo will sell Thinkpads with SuSE Enterprise Desktop 10 preloaded.

28.07.2006: New fglrx driver version 8.27.10 released including support for XOrg 7.1

27.06.2006: New fglrx driver version 8.26.18 released

05.06.2006: According to CNET [1], Lenovo is now denying dropping official Linux support.

04.06.2006: Sad news! According to CRN [2], Lenovo drops official Linux support for its PCs, including ThinkPads.

24.05.2006 New fglrx driver version 8.25.18 released

15.04.2006 Several news ([3], [4]) appeared that the next Lenovo models will be the R60, Z61m, Z61t and a new Tablet PC X60 Tablet.

12.04.2006 New fglrx driver version 8.24.8 released

09.03.2006 New fglrx driver version 8.23.7 released

10.02.2006 New fglrx driver version 8.22.5 released

28.01.2006 Lenovo and others have first mention of T60p models.

19.01.2006 New fglrx driver version 8.21.7 released

14.01.2006 A bit old news: Lenovo hires new CEO from Dell.

05.01.2006 Lenovo announces the next step in X and T series: X60, X60s and T60.

22.12.2005 Version 1.0 (final) of the BSP for the UPEK fingerprint sensor released.

08.12.2005 New fglrx driver version 8.20.8 released

11.11.2005 New fglrx driver version 8.19.10 released, adds suspend and PowerPlay

26.10.2005 New fglrx driver version 8.18.8 released

13.10.2005: Lenovo announces new R51e to be shipping with SUN StarOffice 8.

15.09.2005: Lenovo announces new WideScreen Z Series. Read here and here.

14.09.2005: Beta release of BSP for UPEK fingerprint sensors released.

17.08.2005: New fglrx driver version 8.16.20 released

09.06.2005: New fglrx driver version 8.14.13 released

11.04.2005: IBM and Sanyo demonstrate Fuel Cell prototype

16.02.2005: New fglrx driver version 8.10.19 released

04.02.2005: IBM sells its entire PC division to Lenovo (China's largest PC maker), exclusing the eSeries x86 range. The Think* brand is included in the deal and Lenovo has full use of it for 5 years.

17.01.2005: New fglrx driver version 8.8.25 (finally with X.Org 6.8 support)

28.11.2004: IBM recently released new T42 notebooks featuring Pentium M 765 processors, a FireGL T2 chip, 1GB of RAM and an integrated fingerprint scanner

09.11.2004: New fglrx driver version 3.14.6

26.09.2004: IBM recalls 56 Watt Thinkpad AC Adaptors

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