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ThinkPad X61

This pages gives an overview of all ThinkPad X61 related topics.

Standard Features

Availiablity in Europe

The X61 with normal voltage CPUs are a bit hard to get in central and eastern Europe, most retailers only sell the X61s with low voltage processors. An Lenovo Czech Republic representative, questioned about the X61availiability, replied (translated from czech):

The X61 models with standard CPUs are also sold in Czechia but you need to face the price will be significatly higher (30% or more) because the specific article has to be imported just for you. The delivery can take up to 7 weeks.

In Poland there is harder to get X61s (Low Voltage) than regular X61 version. Some retailers also offer this notebook with upgraded memory to 4GB. The system is shipped only with 32-bit vesion of MS Windows Vista Bussiness so it see only 3GB of the memory. But every kernel with 64GB memory option compiled in sees all 4GB with no problem



Setting the brightness

See Thinkpad-acpi for adjusting the bitmask, after this you can probe the keys with

# acpi_listen

which should produce the following output:

FnHome video LCD0 00000086 00000000 FnEnd video LCD0 00000087 00000000

See LCD_Brightness for adjusting the brightness with thinkpad_acpi.

ThinkPad X61

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