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ThinkPad X60s

This page gives an overview of all ThinkPad X60s related topics.

Standard Features

ThinkPad X60s

The s in X60s means "slim". This is achieved by the low-voltage CPU, which requires less cooling. Sellers claim an amazing 8 hour battery life.

A tiny "Radio Frequency Kill Switch" is rather hidden below the front edge of the keyboard, it stops Wireless, Bluetooth and GSM/UMTS.


The x60s uses lithium-ion batteries in various shapes and sizes.

All these batteries apart from the ultrabay battery that fits in the base are 14.4V

It can use batteries which work with the x60, but these are approximately 3cm shorter, and leave a gap, which needs to be filled with a spacer, 92P1227/42W3050 (same part). The x61s is similar, but only some batteries are recommended.

Firstly, there are the prismatic batteries that fit flat with the bottom of the laptop - these give you a nice smooth back to the laptop and are slightly lighter in weight.

   * Battery 4-cell Li-Ion (Prismatic)
         o Sanyo 92P1163
         o LGC 42T5224 
    • LG Chemical 92P1165

The 4-cell cylindrical battery is slightly larger - it protrudes a little from the underside of the laptop - approximately 10mm, but is flush with the back.

   * Battery 4-cell Li-Ion (2.6AH cylindrical)
         o Sanyo 42T4505 93P5027 92P1167
         o Sony 93P5028 92P1169 

The 8 cell battery is similar to the 4 cell battery, but it has an extra 4 cells in a 'bar' that goes along the entire width of the laptop, making the laptop about 20mm deeper. It's of course heavier too.

   * Battery 8-cell Li-Ion (5.2AH cylindrical)
         o Sanyo 92P1171 93P5029
         o Sony 92P1173 

A similar battery, that also works in the x61s as well as the x60.

   * Battery 8-cell Li-Ion (5.2AH cylindrical)
         o Sanyo 93P5029 42T4506
         o Sony 93P5030 

A large battery that covers the entire underside of the laptop - leaving space for normal batteries.

   * Extended battery Li-Ion (Sanyo)
         o 40Y7904 

A battery that fits inside the ultrabase:

  • ThinkPad Advance Ultrabay Battery
    • 40Y6789 27Wh, 2.7Ah 10.8V (approximately equal to 2Ah@14.4V

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