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Over time, different ThinkPads have used different power connectors. You can use a higher Amperage rated power supply then your ThinkPad needs, as long as the physical connector is correct. But you should not use a lower Amperage power supply on a ThinkPad needing more Amperage. Doing so will overheat the power supply, and might cause issues such as screen flicker.

In case you cannot find your Model ThinkPad listed, or you wish to double check, you can find the required power information on a label on the bottom of your ThinkPad
The Amperage's listed below are the OUTPUT values for the AC adapter, which should be equal or greater then what your ThinkPad requires

10.5 V, 1.0 A Power

15 V, 2.0 A Power

4-Pin connector

4 pin power connector

Unknown watts/amps


AC Adapter PN 76H0119



AC Adapter PN 12J2456

16 Volt 4-Pin Power Mini-Din connector

120W power plug

120W 7.5 Amps

AC Adapter FRU PN 92P1035
AC Adapter Ouput: 7.5A, 16V

16 Volt Coax connector

16V coax connector

This is a 2.5/5.5mm barrel connector

35W 2.2 Amps

AC Adapter input: 1.9A, 35W
AC Adapter output: 2.2A, 16V

54W 3.36 Amps

56W 3.5 Amps

AC Adapter FRU PN 02K6810, 02K6816

72W 4.5 Amps

AC Adapter FRU PN 02K6744, 08K8202

90W 5.6 Amps

20 Volt Coax connector

20V coax connector

65W 3.25 Amps

AC Adapter FRU PN 92P1211
AC Adapter Output 3.25A, 20V

90W 4.5 Amps

AC Adapter FRU PN 92P1107