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This is ThinkWiki, the new Wiki Web for Thinkpad users.

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Hardware Specifications (Hardware specs of Thinkpad models)
Thinkpad Technologies (special features of Thinkpads)
AddOns (Additional hardware to use with your Thinkpad)
Known Problems (Known problem with certain Thinkpads)
Battery Information (Hints to expand your Thinkpads battery life)
BIOS Upgrade (How to keep your BIOS up to date)


ThinkPad Installation (How to install your favorite OS)
Driver Installation (How to make certain drivers work)
Preload Recovery (How to recover the preloaded OS)
Power Management (How to get Suspend, Speedstep etc. working)
Special Keys (How to setup/configure the extra keys)
IrDA (How to get IrDA working)
BIOS-Bootsplash (How to change the IBM BIOS bootsplash)

Drivers and Patches

Drivers (Useful drivers for Thinkpads)
Tools (Useful Tools for Thinkpads)
Patches (Thinkpad related Patches to existing tools or drivers)
Scripts (Thinkpad related scripts)
Configs (useful configuration files)

Statistics and Tuning

3D FPS comparisons (glxgears measurements and similar)


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IBM Watch

Further Information

Mailinglists (talk to other people and get help)
important Thinkpad Links (links to useful sites regarding Thinkpads)
IRC-Channels (for urgent help and chatter)

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