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This page gives an overview of some old, but useful features or traits that were only available in the older models. The models listed below are the latest models to contain a certain feature/trait that some might see as desirable or useful enough to warrant a trade-off in performance or security.

Models with a 4:3 display panel

Models with a 16:10 display panel

Models with a 6-row non-chiclet keyboard

Models with a 7-row non-chiclet keyboard

Models with a 7-row non-chiclet keyboard without the vertically elongated Escape and Delete key

Models with a 7-row non-chiclet keyboard without the Windows Keys and the vertically elongated Escape+Delete key

Models with a TrackPoint but without the UltraNav

Models with a ThinkLight

Models with a headphone port and a microphone port

Models with a stereo-line in port

Models with a working stereo mix function

Models with an UltraPort

Models with an Ultrabay

Models with an IrDA transceiver

Models with an RJ-11 modem port

Models with a Serial Port

Models with a Parallel Port

Models with a PS/2 Port

Models with a VGA Port

Models with a dual-link DVI-D port

Models with a Firewire Port

Models with an eSATAp port

Models with a PCMCIA slot

Models with a CardBus slot

Models with an ExpressCard slot

Models with Power Bridge

Models without the Intel Management Engine

Models without the AMD Platform Security Processor

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