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ThinkPad W520

Standard Features

ThinkPad W520



Linux Installation

Power Adapter

The W520 comes with a special 170W AC adapter (P/N 0A36227) that is currently not shipped with any other Thinkpad. Note that it is different from the W700 170W AC adapter (P/N 41R4421). The W520 AC adapter is larger but lighter than the W510 135W AC adapter.

All newer (20V) Thinkpad AC adapters have a compatible plug with the W520, but not all of them will work due to power constraints. Some work but the W520 will reduce throttle its CPU/GPU. The following table shows which AC adapters can be used:

Marketing P/N Rated power Works on W520 Full speed Comment
0A36227 170W yes yes Official AC adapter for W520
41R4421 170W no no Official AC adapter for W700, different plug diameter
55Y9317 135W unknown unknown Official AC adapter for W510, should work
Various 90W unknown unknown Should work with reduced performance
Various 65W no no Does not work
Help needed
Please add any AC adapter compatibility information that you can personally confirm.


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