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(Restructure doc, it is about '''connector'''. The old arrangement, sorted by power requirement, is confusing at first glance, and it has even mislead some people.)
(90W 4.5 Amps)
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*ThinkPad {{R60}}, {{R60e}}
*ThinkPad {{R60}}, {{R60e}}
*ThinkPad {{T60}}, {{T60p}}, {{T61}}, {{T61p}}, {{T400}}, {{T410}}, {{T500}}, {{T510}} - With ATI or Nvidia Graphics
*ThinkPad {{T60}}, {{T60p}}, {{T61}}, {{T61p}}, {{T400}}, {{T410}}, {{T500}}, {{T510}} - With ATI or Nvidia Graphics
*ThinkPad {{T430}}
*ThinkPad {{T520}} - Dual Core
*ThinkPad {{T520}} - Dual Core
*ThinkPad {{W500}}
*ThinkPad {{W500}}

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Over time, different ThinkPads have used different power connectors. You can use a higher Amperage rated power supply then your ThinkPad needs, as long as the physical connector is correct. But you should not use a lower Amperage power supply on a ThinkPad needing more Amperage. Doing so will overheat the power supply, and might cause issues such as screen flicker.

In case you cannot find your Model ThinkPad listed, or you wish to double check, you can find the required power information on a label on the bottom of your ThinkPad
The Amperage's listed below are the OUTPUT values for the AC adapter, which should be equal or greater then what your ThinkPad requires

All current Thinkpads require 20 Volt DC input. See also the official Lenovo page for power adapters.

6.3 mm outer, 3.0 mm inner diameter

Help needed
Will someone with an actual unit in-hand, please confirm the size?

15 V, 2.0 A Power.

4-Pin hexagon

The information found in this page is mostly correct. But the four-pin connector, in particular, is not thoroughly understood. This information is incomplete and not entirely correct.
4 pin power connector

Unknown watts/amps


AC Adapter PN 76H0119



20 V 2.5 A - FRU 49G2196


AC Adapter PN 12J2456

TIP: As these 4-pin PSUs are getting more rare and more expensive, a cheap solution if you don't have one is to adapt a universal 19-20V laptop PSU with a barrel connector. This isn't ideal if you're relying on the Thinkpad for some critical old business application, but it's fine if you're just a tinkerer playing with an old one off eBay for example. Only the "+" and "-" connections (top-right and bottom-right looking into the connector on the back of the laptop from the back of the laptop) are required for basic operation, so that's all you need to adapt. Get an extension lead for your barrel connector - e.g. 2.1mm - and cut it in half. Discard the plug half. Get a "Mini JST" plug with flying leads, commonly used to power model helicopters etc. This is the plug that I've found will fit over the + and - pins. Wire the two together so that the red wire on the Mini JST is soldered to the centre contact wire on the barrel connector extension (socket half).

ALWAYS double check the polarity when plugging in your custom modded connector, since it's possible to get it the wrong way round.

4-Pin Kycon

This connector resembles, but is slightly larger, than Mini-Din.

120W power plug

120W 7.5 Amps

ThinkPad 120W AC Adapter (Support Website)
AC Adapter FRU PN 92P1035
AC Adapter Ouput: 7.5A, 16V

5.5 mm outer, 2.5 mm inner diameter

16V coax connector

This is a 2.5/5.5mm barrel coax connector, delivering 16 volts.

35W 2.2 Amps

54W 3.36 Amps

Some of them have been recalled: part 02K6549 (FRU 02K6550), with three hollow pins. (CPSC recall) (Lenovo document) See the page Damage in 56W AC-Adapter, plastic housing melted.

56W 3.5 Amps

AC Adapter FRU PN 02K6810, 02K6816

72W 4.5 Amps

AC Adapter FRU PN 02K6744, 08K8202

barrel connector, slim

19 Volt Coax connector
IBM called it "barrel connector, slim". 19 V, 45 W 2.4 A. 5.5 mm outer, 2.1 mm inner diameter. Option Marketing number 11J8702. See AC adapter matrix (Doc PD012162) as a source of information.

big barrel "advanced" connector

20V coax connector

20 Volt Coax. 7.5mm OD, 0.8mm diameter central pin.

65W 3.25 Amps

AC Adapter FRU PN 92P1211
AC Adapter Output 3.25A, 20V

90W 4.5 Amps

AC Adapter FRU PN 92P1107

135W 6.75 Amps

AC Adapter PN 55Y9317

170W 8.5 Amps

AC Adapter PN 0A36227 (US) and PN 0A36231 (EU)

This AC adapter has the same diameter as the usual 20V AC adapters, but there is an extra plastic knob on one side of the connector. It is not round any more, that is, you can only plug it in one particular orientation. The extra knob prevents one from using the AC adapter on any other Thinkpads.

W700 Coax connector

6.0 mm outer, 3.0 mm inner diameter.
Help needed
Will someone with an actual unit in-hand, please confirm the size?

The W700/W700ds AC adapter plug has a different diameter than all other 20 Volt AC adapters. You cannot plug in a different AC adapter into a W700-series Thinkpad nor can you use the W700 AC adapter on a non-W700 Thinkpad.

170W 8.5 Amps for W700

AC Adapter PN 41R4421

230W 11.5 Amps

AC Adapter PN 55Y9333

Lenovo rectangular slim tip

Lenovo wrote on store product description:
New rectangular fixed “slim tip” plug to support thin and light hardware designs

Lenovo introduced a new power connector in 2012. This connector is standard in all new models since late 2013 product line. It is rectangular, close in size to USB A connector, and it has a signal pin in centre. A conversion cable for 20V barrel plugs exists (ASM 0A36037; FRU 03X6261).

  • OneLink connector
  • ThinkPad Ultra Dock
  • T440s

45W 2.25 Amps

65W 3.25 Amps

90W 4.5 Amps

135W 6.75 Amps

170W 8.5 Amps


10.5 V, 1.0 A Power