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==On order==
===[[:Category:X201|ThinkPad X201]]===
* 3249-???
Replacement for my wife's X40
* [[Intel Core i5]]-430M 2.26-2.53GHz
* 12.1" WXGA LED Panel, 2x2 UltraConnect II antenna; with Camera and Wireless Broadband Upgradeable
* TrackPoint with Fingerprint Reader
* 4GB DDR3 [[PC3-8500]] RAM
* 128 GB Solid State Drive, Serial ATA
* 3-1 Media Card Reader without Modem
* ThinkPad X200 Series 6 cell Li-Ion Battery
* [[Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6200]]
==Current Machines==
==Current Machines==

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Current Machines

ThinkPad T410

  • 2522-AT6

This is my main work machine.



  • ThinkPad 90 Watt AC/DC combo adapter
  • ThinkPad 90 Watt Slim AC/DC combo adapter
  • 160GB 7200 RPM SATA disk

ThinkPad X40

  • 2386-F1U

Used by my wife



ThinkPad T41

Used by my son


Prior Machines