ATI Mobility Radeon 9000

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This is an ATI video adapter.


  • Chipset: ATI #rv250
  • PCI ID: 1002:4c66
  • AGP 4X
  • 32, 64, or 128MB DDR-SDRAM video memory
  • External VGA up to: 1680x1050
  • Extended desktop up to 2048x2048 (UMS) or 4096x4096 (KMS)

Linux driver - OpenSource

This adapter is supported by recent versions of the radeon driver as found in X.Org.

With recent kernels (2.6.32+) and radeon driver (6.13+) Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) is supported. But note that for working suspend/resume support it is needed to force AGP 1X mode by passing radeon.agpmode=1 at boot time. This can effect performance in some cases, particular FPS games that use large textures (Quake, World of Padman, etc).

OpenGL screen corruption

You may experience screen corruption with Compiz, a workaround for this is to create a file /etc/drirc with the following content

       <device screen="0" driver="r200">
               <application name="Default">
                       <option name="allow_large_textures" value="2" />

ThinkPad LCD

Display on the internal LCD works, and should be automatically configured with the newer KMS drivers.

External VGA or DVI port

Works well with the latest KMS drivers, including hot-plug.

SVideo port

The SVideo port should be supported by the current Xorg radeon driver. But note that with the KMS drivers that there will be some corruption.

Please read How to get TV-Out working on ATI graphic cards on how to set it up.

Linux driver - Proprietary

The last version of fglrx to support this chipset is 8.28.8 (released 2006-08-18), later versions do not support this chipset anymore. This version is still available for download, but does not support kernels newer then 2.6.17. This proprietary driver has 3D acceleration support, but you might find that current opensource radeon driver does just as well.

Some people have gotten it to work (Fturner) with later kernel versions as follows;

edit /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/firegl_public.h and add at the top

#define VM_SHM 0xff

The meaning of 0xff is unknown, but 0xffffffff certainly does not work.

and edit /lib/modules/fglrx/build_mod/ to comment out the kernel version checking, in order for the module to build.

ThinkPads this chip may be found in