IBM Integrated Bluetooth II with 56K Modem (BMDC)

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IBM Integrated Bluetooth II with 56K Modem (BMDC)

This is a combination USB Bluetooth and AC'97 Modem Adapter that is installed in a CDC slot.


  • Chipset: CSR BlueCore02 Bluetooth Controller and Agere LU97 Scorpio Softmodem DSP
  • Speeds: 434/723 Kbps (Bluetooth 1.1) and 33.6/56.6 Kbps (V.34/V.90/V.92)
  • PCI ID: Varies, depends on the AC'97 modem controller's PCI ID
  • USB ID: 1668:0441
  • Headers: One 2-pin connector, one Hirose U.FL connector

Part numbers

  • 91P7315, 91P7259, 26P8396

Linux driver

This card's Bluetooth controller will work with the standard Linux Bluetooth drivers (btusb). The card's softmodem DSP is similar to the DSP found in the Modem Daughter Card (MDC), so the steps to configure the driver is the same as the Modem Daughter Card.

On recent distributions, you can enable/disable the Bluetooth controller with echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/thinkpad_acpi/bluetooth_enable if you have the thinkpad_acpi kernel module installed. If you don't, use the FnF5 combination instead, as it relies on the embedded controller to work.

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