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To experiment with this wiki please try [[ThinkWiki:Sandbox]]. See the [http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_User%27s_Guide User's Guide] for usage and configuration help.
To experiment with this wiki please try [[ThinkWiki:Sandbox]]. See the [http://meta.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaWiki_User%27s_Guide User's Guide] for usage and configuration help.

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This is ThinkWiki, the Wiki Web for IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad users. Here you find anything you need to install your favourite Linux distribution on your ThinkPad. Windows users shouldn't run away, there's a lot of useful information for them as well.

Please support us and help to extend this wiki. Thank you!


Hardware Specifications (Hardware specs of ThinkPad models)
ThinkPad Technologies (special features of ThinkPads)
Components & AddOns (ThinkPad components and addons)
BIOS Upgrade (How to keep your BIOS up to date)
Known Problems (Known problem with certain ThinkPads)
Error Codes & Beeps (BIOS numerical and beep error codes)
Hardware Hacking (Mods and stuff)
Maintenance (How to keep your ThinkPad nice and shiny)
Buyers Guide (Hints on buying ThinkPads)


ThinkPad Installation (How to install your favorite OS)
Driver Installation (How to make certain drivers work)
Preload Recovery (How to recover the preloaded OS)
Power Management (How to get Suspend, Speedstep etc. working)
Special Keys (How to setup/configure the extra keys)
Performance (How to optimize your system)
BIOS-Bootsplash (How to change the IBM BIOS bootsplash)

Drivers and Patches

Drivers (Useful drivers for ThinkPads)
Tools (Useful Tools for ThinkPads)
Patches (ThinkPad related patches)
Scripts (ThinkPad related scripts)
Configs (useful configuration files)




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Industry Watch

30.07.2020: New fglrx driver version 20.30 released
18.12.2015: New fglrx driver version 15.12 released
24.04.2012: New fglrx driver version 12.4 released
28.09.2011: New fglrx driver version 11.9 released
19.02.2009: Ubuntu 10.04 will use nouveau drivers for nVidia GPUs. See this Phoronix article .
29.01.2009: New fglrx driver version 9.1 released with support for OpenGL 3.0, Hybrid Crossfile and Multiview.
18.09.2008: New fglrx driver version 8.9 (8.532) released.
10.06.2008: Engadget got some leaked technical specs of the new ThinkPads.
16.04.2008: New fglrx driver version 8.1 (8.476) released.
14.04.2008: Lenovo's entire new ThinkPad line leaked, X300 gets siblings. See Gizmodo for details.
18.01.2008: New fglrx driver version 8.1 (8.454) released.
More News

Further Information

Glossary (explanations of special terms)
Mailinglists (talk to other people and get help)
important ThinkPad Links (links to useful sites)
IRC-Channels (for urgent help and chatter)

To experiment with this wiki please try ThinkWiki:Sandbox. See the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.