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The Intel HD Graphics (sometimes also called GMA HD) is the Graphics Memory Accelerator (GMA) integrated in the Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5 and selected Intel Core i7 processors.


  • Chipset: Arrandale (GMCH Ironlake)
  • PCI ID: 8086:0046
  • PCI-E
While almost all new ThinkPads have integrated Intel HD Graphics, on those ThinkPads with a Descrete NVIDIA GPU, the Intel GPU is disabled and cannot be enabled. There is no support for Switchable Graphics.
Contrary to the statement above, you can select the GPU in the BIOS of recent models with Nvidia Optimus, e.g. the T510 4384GEG. Windows seems to be able to switch between the GPUs, too.

Linux support

A very recent Linux distribution with kernel 2.6.33 and Intel Xorg driver 2.11 or newer is recommended.

Note that XVideo (Xv) playback at certain frame sizes does not work properly unless you have at least version 2.12 of the Intel Xorg driver.

Desktop Effects do not work in Ubuntu 10.10 (at least, on an X220).

Models featuring this Technology