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ThinkPad X220

This page gives an overview of all ThinkPad X220 related topics.

Machine Type

  • 4287, 4290, 4291

Standard Features

ThinkPad X220


Ubuntu 10:10 Installation Notes

  • Many of the special keys won't work out of the box, because thinkpad-acpi doesn't load automatically on Ubuntu 10.10. It requires this patch which (I think) did make it into 11.04. To get it to load on boot, add "thinkpad_acpi" (using underscore) on its own line to the file /etc/modules.
  • Suspend won't work out of the box on the i7 model because the USB3 driver shipped with 10.10 doesn't support suspend, and so blocks it. The fix is to blacklist the driver, but this means your USB3 port won't work. To blacklist, create a file /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-xhci_hcd.conf containing only the text "blacklist xhci_hcd" (note underscore). Then suspend will work. There may also be a fix which unloads the module before suspend and reloads it after; if you have got this working, update the wiki.
  • The Mic hardware mute button doesn't work, and I haven't worked out how to make it do so. It produces keycode 248 in xev, so I guess that needs translating into a keysym and then binding to mute. One for the thinkpad_acpi team?
  • The fan spends more time on than it should; there are various pages around the net commenting on this. It could be a hardware problem; one thread on some forums had an official Lenovo rep saying they are looking into it. (Sorry I can't be more specific.)
  • The hardware specs claim dual microphones, but Ubuntu only sees one. I don't know if this is because they are combined at a hardware level. The Windows system can switch between using them for noise cancelling and using them for wider coverage but again, I don't know if that's software or hardware-driven.
  • If you have fixes for some of this, I'd love to hear - gerv at gerv dot net. -- Gerv

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