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CDC slot

The Communications Daughter Card slot (CDC) in IBM literature or Modem Daughter Card slot (MDC) in Intel's standards, is the mobile version of the Audio/Modem Riser slot. There are two known implementations of this slot, featuring different connectors for different platforms.

The Hirose DF12(5.0)-40DP-0.5V(86) connector is used on ThinkPads with an AC'97 audio codec, while the TE Connectivity 1-1775149-2 connector is used on ThinkPads with a HD Audio codec. These connectors may or may not be proprietary, although the Hirose connector is proprietary as it does not adhere to Intel's MDC standard, which specifies a TE Connectivity 3-179397-0 connector instead.

Wikipedia article on CDC


Not all CDCs will work in compatible ThinkPads, even if they are using the same connector. This is due to a different electrical pin-out, which varies among ThinkPads. Some might even reject a pin-compatible CDC by displaying an 'Error 1803: Invalid Daughter Card' message.

Note that all AC'97 CDCs are 45 x 27 mm, and all HD Audio CDCs are 34 x 26 mm.

Ethernet CDCs

Bluetooth CDCs

Modem CDCs

Combo Modem and Bluetooth CDCs

Models featuring this technology

with an AC'97 CDC slot

with two AC'97 CDC slots

with a HD Audio CDC slot