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Specific installation notes for the ThinkPad 600, 600E and 600X.

General Notes

Installation media

The 600 series ThinkPads have a bootable CDROM drive, therefore the installation can be done by booting from an installation CD created by burning an ISO image. The BIOS should be set up to boot from CD before booting from the harddrive.

Power Management

For Power Management you can choose from APM or ACPI. Support for either system should be compiled in the kernel. According to How to make APM work, APM is the suggested system for the 600E. In fact, the 600E came pre-installed with Windows and APM as power management system. However, the 600E is ACPI ready, as is stated on the IBM support website:

"The ThinkPad 600E is ACPI ready. ACPI is not installed, but the system hardware supports ACPI. While ACPI shows a great deal of promise for the future, numerous problems affect the operation of ACPI on ThinkPad and other notebook systems. Therefore, the system comes with Windows 98 running in APM mode."

Ibm-acpi supports the 600E as of version 0.11. Read How to make use of Power Management features for more information.

The 600E does not have a Phoenix NoteBIOS, therefore utilities like Tphdisk and lphdisk can not be used to create a hibernation file for the Hibernation mode. It is suggested to use the DOS utility PS2.EXE.

Internal modem

The 600E has a MWave_MDSP3780 modem. The option CONFIG_MWAVE (under PCMCIA character devices) should be compiled in the kernel or as a loadable module.


The sound chip on the 600E is a CS4239. On this Thinkpad model, the CS4610 driver does not work, but the ISA interface (ALSA driver: snd-cs4236) works quite well, if you get the chip configured and enabled. There are two ways to do that:

  • Disable fast boot in the BIOS setup, and set up resources using the ps2 tool supplied with your thinkpad. These resource settings have to be passed to the module. See for example the WLUG link supplied below. Also, use the ps2 utility to make sure both audio and midi are enabled on your Thinkpad by using > ps2 ? audio and > ps2 ? midi. To enable, use > ps2 audio enable and > ps2 midi enable. It is also best to avoid any hardware detection utilities (e.g. discover and hotplug) to load the CS46xx driver.
  • Use the PNPBIOS or ACPI-PnP implementation and a userspace setup script for automatic configuration like this one.

Distro specific Instructions

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