Script for configuring the CS4239 sound chip in PnP mode

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To configure the CS4239 sound chip via PnP, use the following script1 (Tested on a ThinkPad 600E). It is meant to be used as install script with modprobe. An example modprobe.conf snippet follows.

Save this script as /usr/local/sbin/soundcard-on. Don't forget to make it executable.

The Script

This page contains a large amount of code. The actual code should be moved to a dedicated code article, to make easier to download and edit.



# Sound-via-pnp-script for Thinkpad 600E and possibly other computers with onboard
# CS4239/CS4610 that do not work with the PCI driver and are not recognized by the
# PnP code of snd-cs4236

# search sound card pnp device

for dev in /sys/bus/pnp/devices/*
  grep CSC0100 $dev/id > /dev/null && WSSDEV=$dev
  grep CSC0110 $dev/id > /dev/null && CTLDEV=$dev

# activate devices (Thinkpad boots with devices disabled unless "fast boot" is turned off)

echo activate > $WSSDEV/resources
echo activate > $CTLDEV/resources

# parse resource settings

{ read
 read bla port1
 read bla port2
 read bla port3
 read bla irq
 read bla dma1
 read bla dma2
 # Hack: with PnPBIOS: ports are: port1: WSS, port2: OPL, port3: sb (unneeded)
 #       with ACPI-PnP:ports are: port1: OPL, port2: sb, port3: WSS
 # (ACPI bios seems to be wrong here, the PnP-card-code in snd-cs4236.c uses the
 #  PnPBIOS port order)
 # Detect port order using the fixed OPL port as reference
 if [ ${port2%%-*} = 0x388 ]
   # PnPBIOS: usual order
   # ACPI: mixed-up order
 } < $WSSDEV/resources

{ read
 read bla port1
} < $CTLDEV/resources

# load the module

modprobe --ignore-install snd-cs4236 port=$port cport=$cport fm_port=$oplport irq=$irq dma1=$dma1 dma2=$dma2 isapnp=0 index=0 && /lib/alsa/modprobe-post-install snd-cs4236


modprobe Configuration

Add these lines to /etc/modprobe.conf or /etc/modprobe.d/cs4236pnp:

# Kill any attempts from hotplug or discover to load the PCI driver
install snd-cs46xx /bin/true
# Set up PnP before loading ISA driver
install snd-cs4236 /usr/local/sbin/soundcard-on

  1. provided by Mkarcher 23:20, 22 January 2006 (CET)