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This is a Cirrus Logic Audio controller.

This chip is paired with an ISA CS4239 audio controller, which can also be used by DOS applications (like games) in SoundBlaster emulation mode.

You're not going to get the PCI part of this chip to work, so stick to using the ISA part.

See also Problem with broken sound on some ThinkPads and Script for configuring the CS4239 sound chip in PnP mode.


  • Chipset: CS4610
  • Interface: PCI
  • PCI ID: 1013:6001

Linux ALSA driver

This sound chip is NOT supported by the snd-cs46xx kernel module.

The module won't do anything bad (except perhaps use a bit of RAM), but it also won't give you sound on your Linux box.

ThinkPads this chip may be found in