Ultrabay Slim PATA HDD Adapter

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Ultrabay Slim HDD Adapter

Features and specifications

This is an adapter to connect an additional ThinkPad system hard disc drive (in caddy) to the Ultrabay Slim. Also known in IBM literature as 'ThinkPad 2nd Hard Disk Drive Adapter for Ultrabay Slim'.

  • Takes any 9.5mm thick (9.5mm is maximum, 12.7mm thick drives are too tall), 2.5" PATA HDD
  • Computer can be boot from both primary and secondary (in UltraBay adapter) disc - option to set in BIOS (tested on all T4x models).

Part numbers

  • curved bezel (T40)
    • Order PN, marketing part number: 62P4554
    • FRU 62P4553
    • ASM P/N 62P4552
  • flat bezel (T60)
    • Order PN: 41U3148
  • Amazon.com ASIN B005DDBTQ8


'ThinkPad 2nd Hard Disk Drive Adapter for Ultrabay Slim - Publications' (Document id: MIGR-46465; Last modified: 2004-12-13) (Internet Archive Wayback Machine)

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