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*[http://www.memtest86.com memtest86] for testing suspect memory
*[http://www.memtest86.com memtest86] for testing suspect memory
*[http://www.hitachigst.com/hdd/support/download.htm#DFT Drive Fitness Test] for testing suspected faulty hdd maintained and developed by Hitachi.
*[http://www.hitachigst.com/hdd/support/download.htm#DFT Drive Fitness Test] for testing suspected faulty hdd maintained and developed by Hitachi.
==Miscellaneous Tools==
*[http://www.cleverfiles.com CleverFiles DiskDrill - Data Recovery Software]

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Information on Tools helping you to get along with your ThinkPad.


  • tpb (ThinkPad buttons)
  • tp-scroll (Use trackpoint and middle button to scroll vertically. You may also use the built-in EmulateWheel option in both XFree86 and XOrg.)
  • configure-trackpoint (GUI TrackPoint configuration tool for the TrackPoint driver for 2.6 linux kernel)
  • Linux Trackpoint Utilities (An earlier trackpoint configuration tool)


  • radeontool (Tool for enabling/disabling background light and external video)
  • rovclock (Tool to under/overclock Radeon cards)
  • s3switch (Tool to change the output devices and format for Savage cards)
  • gsynaptics (Tool to control synaptics touchpad on some thinkpads)
  • disper (Tool to switch displays quickly for Nvidia cards)

Power Management

  • apmd (APM event daemon and tools)
  • tpctl and configure-thinkpad (ThinkPad configuration programs that are compatible with APM)
  • acpid (ACPI event daemon)
  • acpitool (displays acpi information and can be used to set sleep mode)
  • tphdisk (Tool to create a hibernation file, an alternative to the Software Suspend 2 kernel patch)
  • laptop-mode-tools (laptop-mode configuration scripts)
  • KThinkBat (KDE-Kicker applet to show the battery fuel state)


  • ifplugd (Daemon to reconfigure your network settings on cable (un)plugging)
  • waproamd (Daemon for Wireless roaming with automatic WEP key handling)
  • Wpa_supplicant (waproamd's successor, can handle WPA)
  • ifmetric (Tool to help set different route metrics for WLAN/cable connections, to be used in conjunction with ifplugd and waproamd)


Below are the Tools recommended / used by IBM service reps


Installing / Adding / Removing Hardware from your thinkpad / Lenovo product?