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  • Also, it is not possible to install some wireless cards, because only certain models are whitelisted by IBM/Len ...(see [[How_to_change_the_BIOS_bootsplash_screen|BIOS-Bootsplash]]). If you install the Linux program [ '''cabextract'
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  • ...not consistent and range from cooler sensor readings (some sensors seem to report lower temperatures with this patch), less fan pulsing (also only reported b ...ired is some screwdrivers and heat sink thermal grease. Do NOT attempt to install without the silicon grease.
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  • ==Install== # Plug in USB drive containing Ubuntu 12.10 install image
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  • can be reused. The vast majority of the HD will be given over to an install of Debian Linux, with a 7GB Windows 2K partition because the University I w Please report any issues regarding the update.
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  • ...ration (ac/battery-status). It is called [[laptop-mode-tools]] and you can install it in debian via apt-get or download it from [ ...r more information on Load_Cycle_Counts and hard drive wear, see above bug report). An acceptable balance can be found using hdparm:
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  • Wireless works after following QUICK INSTALL STEPS in provided INSTALL file. Automating driver loading works as described too, except that {{path| ...d <code>freq_table</code>) fixes this. To keep the change between reboots, install <code>sysfsutils</code> package and add the following lines to {{path|/etc/
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  • ...w that there is a TPM in the system (the chip can still be found, and will report its version, manufacturer, and disabled state), unless you remove all the k Just install the full IBM Security solution, and let it use the TPM. What good it will
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  • but should be possible to install after the fact for a fresh install. ===Power Management Options which failed with a hard disk install===
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  • ...ts. Newer kernels use micro- rather than milli- units; and some R32 models report values in centi- rather than milli- units. Adjust the power_divider variabl # different kernels and different hardware report energy values using different units
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  • ...os, where you just extracted files and upgraded manualy, bypassing the ibm install program. The page that describes this (i lost the link) has a list of diffe ...processor, which was never an option for the T20 (both the BIOS and Linux report it as such), and all the other equipment checks out (except for the hard dr
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  • Yet another solution is to install the <tt>laptop-mode-tools</tt> package and have it handle the hard drive's ...0x8000 more than what you set it to, presumably leading <tt>hdparm</tt> to report that it is always set to "unknown setting" (since the number should be betw
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  • when executed, ibm-acpi will then report an acpi event numbered 0x0001003. You should find some functions, e.g. _Q1 install.rdf
    28 KB (4,434 words) - 23:59, 26 January 2015
  • ...Until I broke my Distro(I don't remember exactly what app i was trying to install but i managed to overwrite my gtk libs with incompatible versions, yes rpm ...gcc and newest file system Reiser4, i've had some minor problems. I cannot install Open Office Ximian edition(Reiser4 problem), and Open Office (problem with
    34 KB (5,558 words) - 16:49, 20 October 2006
  • bug report: I had a hard time to figure out that for cpufreq you also have to install
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  • To install it on [[Ubuntu]], install the package cpufrequtils from your package manager or a terminal: user@host:~$ sudo aptitude install cpufrequtils
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  • ...NOME it is probably the many little parts it consists of. Makes it hard to install, but enables one to customize the installation. So, the first thing you sho memory usage. Remember that <tt>top</tt> and <tt>ps</tt> don't report correct memory usage, track totals only.
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  • ...Bluetooth BMDC antenna looks like, how large it is, or if it is posible to install it into an X31 without Bluetooth card or Logo on the panel? [[User:Epic|Ep = Installation Report =
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  • Once this is done, install as usual. The only gotcha is the installation of the Boot-loader. There is == Install a kernel for your Pentium 4 CPU ==
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  • in {{path|include/linux/libata.h}} (and report your ThinkPad model in the discussion page). ...dapter. However, there is a [ report] that replacing the system disk with CompactFlash fails on a ThinkPad {{X41
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  •; it may also be possible to mount the CDROM/DVDROM in a dock and do the install from there. Be careful of OS installations or disk management functions tha ...s are specific to certain ThinkPad {{R52}} and T43-1xxx models. A similar report is made [ here]. '''
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