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=== Models featuring this Technology ===
=== Models featuring this Technology ===
* {{T410}}, {{T410i}}, {{T410s}}, {{T510}}, {{T510i}}
* {{T410}}, {{T410i}}, {{T410s}}, {{T510}}, {{T510i}}, {{T520}}
* {{W510}}, {{W701}}, {{W701ds}}
* {{W510}}, {{W701}}, {{W701ds}}
* {{X201}}, {{X201 Tablet}}
* {{X201}}, {{X201 Tablet}}

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This Ricoh MultiCard Reader is found on select ThinkPads, and supports MMC, SD, SDHC, Memory Stick and Memory Stick Pro cards. In addition, with an appropriate adapter it can support miniSD, microSD and Memory Stick M2.

SDXC should also works as they are identical to SDHC, however larger then 32GB SDXC by default uses the Microsoft exFAT filesystem which may be incompatible with the operating system in use.

Memory Stick XC support is unknown, but it also defaults to exFAT, so at that level has the same issues as SDXC.

  • PCI 1180:e822 - MMC/SD Host Controller
  • PCI 1180:e230 - Memory Stick Host Controller

Linux support

This is a PCI device.


  • works


  • works through the sdhci driver
Even though it works, it seems that the driver is limiting the performance to an Average read speed of ~11MB/s regardless of type of card and its Class (tested up to kernel 2.6.38)


  • should work with the sdhci driver. Note however that larger then 32GB cards by default use the proprietary (patented) Microsoft exFAT filesystem which is not supported. The solution for such cards is to change filesystem, assuming that the devices the card is to be used with also support other filesystems.

MS / MS Pro

  • No driver exists for this model Ricoh Memory Stick Host Controller.

Models featuring this Technology