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(Installation instructions for specific ThinkPads)
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'''{{ThinkPad|X61|Installation instructions for the}}'''
'''{{ThinkPad|X61|Installation instructions for the}}'''
'''{{ThinkPad|X61s|Installation instructions for the}}'''
'''{{ThinkPad|Z60m|Installation instructions for the}}'''
'''{{ThinkPad|Z60m|Installation instructions for the}}'''

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Here you will find specific information on how to install different operating systems on your ThinkPad.

General installation instructions

Installation instructions for specific ThinkPads

Numbered A series G series R series S series T series X series Z series others

ThinkPad 220

ThinkPad 230

ThinkPad 240

ThinkPad 340

ThinkPad 350

ThinkPad 360

ThinkPad 365

ThinkPad 370

ThinkPad 380

ThinkPad 385

ThinkPad 390

ThinkPad 500

ThinkPad 560

ThinkPad 570

ThinkPad 600

ThinkPad 700

ThinkPad 701

ThinkPad 750

ThinkPad 755

ThinkPad 760

ThinkPad 765

ThinkPad 770

ThinkPad A20m

ThinkPad A20p

ThinkPad A21e

ThinkPad A21m

ThinkPad A21p

ThinkPad A22e

ThinkPad A22m

ThinkPad A22p

ThinkPad A30

ThinkPad A30p

ThinkPad A31

ThinkPad A31p

ThinkPad G40

ThinkPad G41

ThinkPad R30

ThinkPad R31

ThinkPad R32

ThinkPad R40

ThinkPad R40e

ThinkPad R50

ThinkPad R50p

ThinkPad R50e

ThinkPad R51

ThinkPad R51e

ThinkPad R52

ThinkPad R60e

ThinkPad R60

ThinkPad R61

ThinkPad S30

ThinkPad S31

ThinkPad T20

ThinkPad T21

ThinkPad T22

ThinkPad T23

ThinkPad T30

ThinkPad T40

ThinkPad T40p

ThinkPad T41

ThinkPad T41p

ThinkPad T42

ThinkPad T42p

ThinkPad T43

ThinkPad T43p

ThinkPad T60

ThinkPad T60p

ThinkPad T61

ThinkPad T61p

ThinkPad X20

ThinkPad X21

ThinkPad X22

ThinkPad X23

ThinkPad X24

ThinkPad X30

ThinkPad X31

ThinkPad X32

ThinkPad X40

ThinkPad X41

ThinkPad X41 Tablet

ThinkPad X60

ThinkPad X60s

ThinkPad X60 Tablet

ThinkPad X61

ThinkPad X61s

ThinkPad Z60m

ThinkPad Z60t

ThinkPad Z61p

ThinkPad Z61m

RS/6000 Notebook 860


ThinkPad TransNote

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