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m (UltraslimBay Floppy enclosure: add PN)
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===UltraslimBay Floppy enclosure===
===UltraslimBay Floppy enclosure===
This enclosure houses [[UltraslimBay Floppy Drive]], connects to host with 17 mm D connector.  FRU P/N 05K6187; ASM P/N 05K5907;
This enclosure houses [[UltraslimBay Floppy Drive]], connects to host with 17 mm D connector.  Black IBM logo: FRU P/N 05K6187; ASM P/N 05K5907.  Blue IBM logo: FRU P/N 05K2643; ASM P/N 05K8805.
=parallel port=
=parallel port=

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20 mm D shell

Floppy cable connector - ThinkPad side (365XD) - width: 20mm
  • ThinkPad 365XD (seems to be the same like i.e. 770, but a little bigger)

17 mm D shell, 26 pin

Floppy cable connector - ThinkPad side (770) - width: 17mm

By year 2000, IBM made this their standard exteral floppy connector. It is found in ThinkPad and Dock line, and SurePOS.

Models featuring this Technology

beware identical Toshiba

Toshiba used a same connector as IBM (17 mm 26 pin). Like ThinkPad parts, they are abundant in secondhand market. I wonder if they are compatible; I did not test, myself. I found only one user report (IBM floppy with Toshiba PC), and that user reports failure, not compatible. How unfortunate, IBM and Toshiba did not choose identical wiring plan.--Numeric (talk))

drive Options

ThinkPad T Series FDD External Cable Kit

This cable connects Ultrabay 2000 Floppy Drive to host with 17 mm D connector. End of cable with Ultrabay 2000 connector has thumbscrews, for a rigid connection, semi-permanent attachment. IBM Option P/N 27L0524; FRU P/N 27L0525; other P/N (ASM?) 27L0526. Support Document MIGR-4JTSXJ Support Document MIGR-40010

UltraslimBay Floppy enclosure

This enclosure houses UltraslimBay Floppy Drive, connects to host with 17 mm D connector. Black IBM logo: FRU P/N 05K6187; ASM P/N 05K5907. Blue IBM logo: FRU P/N 05K2643; ASM P/N 05K8805.

parallel port

ThinkPad T20 line supports a floppy drive connected to Parallel Port. Other portable PCs featured this functionality (notably Compaq Armada M700, Dell Latitude C400, and Toshiba), but each company chose different wiring, so a non-IBM parallel floppy drive is NOT substitutable. The adapter (FRU P/N: 08K6360; other number (ASM?) 08K6359) provides a 17 mm D receptacle.


Floppy Disk Drive Accessories - ThinkPad General


many connectors : 17 mm, 20, parallel, drive side 21, ultrabay Ray Kawakami : IBM 600X vs 365XD Floppy Connectors discussion, R Kawakami participates

Floppy cable connector - drive side

Part numbers

  • P/N: 83H6276
  • FRU P/N: 12J0432, 12J1711, 39F2077

Models featuring this Technology

"The FRU is 05K8827.", Davemci, forum.thinkpads.com
"365CD, 365ED systems ship with an external Floppy Disk Drive that has a non-detachable cable. FDD/Cable assembly FRU 75H7572" "365XD models ship with an external FDD that has a separate cable. The cable FRU is 74H0219, and the FDD FRU is 10H4056", Document ID: YAST-3FGSHU, kev009.com
"The external floppy is FRU 10H4056 or IBM P/N 10H3980. The cable for the flop looks like a mini SCSI (external) connector with 36 gold contacts. The width of the connector is approx 1".", Bob Collins, forum.thinkpads.com
"part number 66G5069. It's one that works only on 760* and 765*", whizkid, forum.thinkpads.com
FRU P/N: 66G5069, P/N: 66G3696, FCC ID: ANO66G3696, (blue 8beam IBM logo) 'Manufactured by IBM LTD' 'Made in Japan'
  • Ext.-Diskette Drive (Opt. TOGP14M) 48G8263
ThinkPad 730TE 730T 730TE Parts Listing (2524), kev009.com
"Just wanted to advise that some of the newer Thinkpad's External Floppy Drives will function with the 730T. I was using the External floppy from my 765D system, FRU# 66G5069 P/N 66G3696. The floppy drive is also used in the following Thinkpad units, the 360, 355, 370, 701, 755, & 760. This drive unit should be easier and less expensive to obtain than the original unit" 730T/TE Tablet, kev009.com

Docks and Port Replicators featuring this Technology

These devices only feature pass-through functionality, the actual Floppy Controller logic needs to reside in the ThinkPad for the port to work